Sunday, February 28, 2010

Albertsons Doublers Ideas

Soy Silk Milk $2.99 each
  • Use $1.00 Soy Silk milk 2/21SS
  • Use $1.00 Doubler
  • Final price .99 each

Alpo Chop house canned dog food .79 each

  • Use $1/3 Alpo Chop house 2/7RP
  • Use $1.00 Doubler
  • Final price .37/3

Snyder Peanut Butter pretzels $2.99 each

  • Use $1.00 Peanutbutter pretzels 2/21 SS
  • Use $1.00 doubler
  • Final price .99 each

Starkist Tuna Creations $2.19

  • Use $1.00 Starkist tuna from Here
  • Use $1.00 doubler
  • Final price .19 each

Keebler Club Crackers $2.49 each

  • Use $1.00 Club Crackers 2/21 Parade
  • Use $1.00 doubler
  • Final price .49 each

Chinet Plates $1.99 each

  • Use $1.00 from here (IE or FF)
  • Use doubler
  • Final price free

Oreo Cakesters $2.99 each

  • Use $1.00 Oreo Cakesters (NLA)
  • Use $1.00 doubler
  • Final price .99 each

Goldfish crackers $1.66 each

  • Use .75 from Here
  • Use Doubler
  • Final price .16 each

Rice a Roni $1.00 each

  • Use $1/3 1/3RP
  • Use Doubler
  • Final price .33 each wyb 3

Win 10 Sets of Albertsons Doublers

Enter for your chance to win (10) sets of Albertsons Twice the Value coupons. These are good 2/28 - 3/6 so we will end this contest Monday 3/1 at 7:00pm PST. You have three chances to win. First leave a comment on how you plan on using your doublers, second Blog about this giveaway and third become a follower and leave a comment that you became a follower. If you already follow just leave a comment letting me know. Please leave an email address so that I may contact you right away. I will send these out first thing Tuesday morning. Good Luck!

* Thanks for everyone that entered. I used to pick the winner. And the Winner is
Kristine in WA
OK even better news when I told the Manager at Albertsons what I was doing he gave me a few extra doublers to giveaway. So everyone that entered by 7:00pm tonight wins (3) sets. I just love it when everyone wins. :-)
Heather T
Kathryn E
Email me tonight please with your address and I will get these mailed out asap.
Thanks to everyone that entered.

Albertsons Just Chill

March is Frozen Food month there are going to be lot's of great deals on food for the freezer. Albertsons sale starts today. Purchase 10 participating frozen items receive $10 Catalina. This is a really exciting sale because we also received doublers today. Yeah! So start going through your freezer coupons. And I will work on some match ups.
Fabulessly Frugal has gotten a great start on this promo go on over Here to check out the deals.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Walgreens 2/28-3/6

Starbucks singles $1.25 w/in ad coupon (Limit 4)
  • Use $1.00 from Here
  • Final price .25 each Yeah! (This is the price that I buy at)
Purex 3 in 1 laundry sheets $9/2 receive $1 RR
  • Use B1G1 Free Purex from 2/21 SS
  • Use $1.00 Purex 3 in 1 from Here (For the one your not getting free)
  • Final Price $1.25 each after coupon and RR
Kotex Tampons, Panty liners, or Maxi pads $3.99, Buy 3 get $5RR
  • Use $1.50/2 Tampons, Panty liners from Here
  • Or $2/2 Maxi pads from Here
  • Final price $.62-.82 each after coupon & RR
Colgate Total Advanced or Enamel Strength toothpaste $2.99 receive $2RR
  • Use $1.00 Colgate Jan All You magazine pg 12
  • Final price Free after coupons and RR
Benadryl Allergy $4.99 each Buy 2 receive $5.00 RR
  • Use $4/2 Jan or Feb Safeway coupon book
  • Use $1.00 Benadryl Allergy Walgreens ABC's coupon book (Will deduct $2)
  • Final price $1.02 Money maker after coupons & RR
Sudafed PE $4.99 each Buy 2 receive $5.00 RR
  • Use $4/2 Sudafed Safeway coupon book
  • Use $2 Sudafed Walgreens ABC's coupon book (Will deduct $4)
  • Final price $3.02 Money maker after coupons & RR
Tylenol Sinus & Cold $4.99 each Buy 2 receive $5.00 RR
  • Use $4/2 Tylenol Sinus & Cold Safeway coupon book
  • Use $1.00 Tylenol Walgreens ABC's coupon book (Will deduct $2)
  • Final price $1.02 Money maker after coupons and RR
Cottonelle TP $5.99 each Buy 3 receive $5RR
  • Use $1.00 Cottonelle TP Albertsons coupon book (Expires 2/28)
  • Final price $3.33 each after coupon and RR
Tylenol PM or Motrin PM $2.99 each
  • Use $4/2 Tylenol or Motrin Safeway coupon book (Hand over first)
  • Use $1.50 Walgreens March coupon book
  • Final Price .51 Money maker
Reach Floss or Toothbrush .99 w/store coupon
  • Use $1.00 Reach Toothbrush or Floss from Here (Hand over first)
  • Final price Free

New Albertsons Sale starts Sunday

Not only are we getting Doublers this week but we are also getting a new promotion. Purchase 10 participating Freezer items receive a $10 catalina back. Looks like it's time to clean out those freezers and get ready for a new sale. Thanks again to the ladies at Fabulessly Frugal for the preview.
Thanks Jane for the heads up!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Sydnie!

My youngest daughter turned four today. Happy Birthday Sydnie!
We had her Birthday at Chuck E Cheese tonight. Definitely not a thrifty party but much easier for me after being sick all week. Sydnie loves Sponge Bob (I know it's a terrible disgusting show but it's her favorite) I told my hubby to order a 1/4 sheet cake from Safeway with SpongeBob on it. (I should have known better) He did order a 1/4 sheet but of course picked out the most expensive one $42.99. So much for our budget this month. LOL

Customer service at Riteaid

Yesterday at Riteaid I had an issue with poor customer service. In fact I ended up leaving the store without making a purchase. The cashier asked her supervisor about one of the coupons I was using and the supervisor decided that she was not going to allow me to use a legitimate coupon. Instead of causing a fuss I simply wrote a letter to customer service about the situation. I honestly figured that I would never hear back from anyone. But to my dismay I was emailed this morning and the Store Manager of the location that I had an issue with called me back tonight. I just have to say that is Fantastic customer service. Thank you Riteaid!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fredmeyer run

I thought I was done for the day but then I realized we needed milk. There are several great deals on milk this week. I saw that Rachel at Cloud9couponing had posted a great scenario for free milk and a good deal on cookies so I decided to try it out.
(2) Free Gallons of milk wyb (4) participating items
  • (3) Keebler Cheesecake in the middle cookies (Um Yummy!) $1.79 each
  • - (3) $1.00 Cheesecake cookies (NLA)
  • (1) Club Crackers $2.50
  • - (1) $1.00 Club Crackers 1/24 Parade
  • Final Price $3.87 Thanks Rachel

(6) Gillette Fusion Razors Clearanced $4.49 each

  • -(6) $4.00 Gillette Fusion Razors 2/7 P&G
  • Final price .49 each

(6) La Victoria Salsa $2.29 each

  • -(3) $4/2 La Victoria from La Victoria Rewards
  • (Enter codes off purchased La Victoria for rewards)
  • Final price .29 each

(8) Layers Gum $1.00 each

  • -(8) Layers Gum .75 each
  • Final price .25 each

(2) Mahatma Jasmine rice $2.50 each

  • -(2) Free Mahatma rice (Thanks Leah)
  • Final price Free

Printer paper $4.00 (Gotta print those coupons)

  • -$2.00 Stationary Fredmeyer rewards
  • Final price $2.00

Total oop $12.55

* When I went to check out tonight there was a woman in front of me with an overflowing basket of groceries. I couldn't help but think of all the money this woman could be saving. She had so many items in her cart that there are coupons for. She did have a few coupons that the store had readily available. When the cashier totaled her order it was $394. I wanted to say something to her but I could tell she was embarrassed by how long it had taken to ring up everything and that she was paying with a Quest card. I know you can't force couponing on those that don't want to do the work but can you imagine how much more food she could have for her family each month.

New Safeway Coupon Book

I found a new coupon book tonight at Safeway. It's called It's never too early to heart your heart. I found it in a small plastic display directly in front of the Barilla spaghetti sauce. Qualify for all coupons with $20 purchase.

$1.00 Cooking Light Magazine
.55 off Sara Lee Delightful product
.50 V8 or V8 Vusion
$1/2 Barilla Plus Pasta
$1/2 Starkist pouch items
.55 Welch's juice
$1.00 Metamucil
$1.00 Listerine
$1.00 Tylenol or St. Joseph aspirin
$1.00 Colgate Total  toothpaste or 360 toothbrush
$2.00 Nature's Bounty Vitamin
$1/2 Coca Cola 12pk 12oz can package
$2/4 Weight Watchers Smart Ones
.50/2 Hunt's Diced tomatoes
$1.00 Healthy choice fresh mixer
$1/10 Campbells Healthy Request condensed soup

Safeway Deals

This is the first time I have made it out of the house since I got sick Saturday. I have been plotting different scenarios all week. I wasn't sure if the Mr Clean deal was going to work but to my delight it did.
(8) Mr Clean w/Febreeze $3.50 each. But when you buy 3 or more the price drops to $1.99 each when the cashier hits total. And the best part is you will get the $10.00 catalina. Yeah!
  • Use (8) Febreeze coupons from 2/7 P&G Thanks Abundant Food Savings
  • Pay $7.92 oop but then get back $10 Catalina from P&G
  • That's a $1.02 Money Maker
(2) Popchips $2.89 each
  • Used (2) Free Popchips (I got a nice package last week with free Popchips and coupons)
  • Final price Free
(2) Mahatma Brown Rice $2.89
  • Used (2) Free Mahatma Brown rice up to $2.29 (Thanks Leah)
  • Final price .60 each ($1.20)
Mission Tortillas $1.89 each
  • Used $1.00 Mission (NLA)
  • Final price .89
Tree Top Apple Juice $1.79
(3) Folgers Silk Coffee $6.99
  • - (3) $1.00 French Silk Coffee
  • - $6.00 subtracted at register for purchasing qualifying items
  • Final Price $3.99 each ($11.97)
(3) Tazo Tea $3.99 each
  • -(3) Tazo Tea (Tear pad found on endcap)
  • -$6.00 subtracted at register for puchasing qualifying items
  • Final Price .99 each ($2.97)
I rolled my $10 P&G Catalina from my last purchase and a $4.00 Catalina from pillsbury
Total OOP with Tax $14.23 and received another $10 Catalina

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Albertsons Doublers

The ladies at Fabulessly Frugal are reporting that we are going to see Doublers Aka Twice the value coupons this Sunday valid for an entire week 2/28-3/6.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

$1.00 Kelloggs Fruit Snacks

Go Here for another coupon from Vocal point for Kelloggs Fruit Snacks. You will only be able to print once.

I have the most Unthrifty Husband!

My husband and Frugal just don't go together.  I know I shouldn't complain but I can't send him to the store. In fact it's been about six months since I asked him to pick up anything. Last time I asked him to pick up  Bread he bought a loaf of bread for $4.89. Hello, does he not see what I buy for $4.89?

Anyway I've been home sick since Saturday night and so have the girls. (I think my nine year old licks the tables at school or something because we are sick way to often) So I asked my dear hubby to pick up OJ and hamburger buns.  I forgot to mention that I have lost my voice so nagging him about checking prices was not an option.  I figured he watches me purchase our groceries and take pictures he knows to look for the best deals.  OK I was dead wrong he doesn't know how to look for the best deals.  (I figured around $4.00 for those two items without coupons) Well he figured otherwise $2.99 for Hamburger buns $3.79 for OJ and $7.99 for a six pack of beer for a total of $14.77 that is $10.77 more then it should have been.  At that price I should have just stayed in bed and ordered (2) Medium toppings from Dominos.  Men!

Safeway 2/24-3/2

Saturday & Sunday Only!

Red Seedless Grapes .99lb (Mmmm I can hardly wait)

Jimmy Dean Bacon, Sausage or Fully Cooked Selections $1.99 each
  • $1.00 off any Jimmy Dean product when you become a fan on Facebook
  • Or Use $1.00 Jimmy Dean fully cooked product from 1/31 RP
  • Or Use $1/2 Jimmy Dean Sausage roll products from 1/31 RP
  • Final Price .99-$1.49 each
Doritos $1.79 each

Prices Valid All Week

Silk Soy Milk $2.79
  • Use $1.00 Soy Milk 2/21 SS
  • Final Price $1.79 each
Ritz Crackers $2.50
  • Use $1.00 Ritz crackers Safeway coupon book
  • Use $1.00 Nabisco Crackers 1/24SS
  • Final Price .50 each
Land O Frost Premium lunch meat $3.49
  • Use $2.00 Premium lunch meat from Here
  • Final Price $1.49 each
V8 Red or VFusion $2.49 each (Minimum $10 purchase)
  • Use $1.00 VFusion from Here
  • Final Price $1.49 each
Welch's Grape Juice $2.49 each (Minimum $10 purchase)
  • Use $1/2 Welchs from Here
  • Or $1/2 Welchs Albertsons coupon book
  • Add $1/2 Safeway Ecoupon from Here
  • Final Price $1.99 each wyb 2 or $1.49 each with Ecoupon
Arm & Hammer Toothpaste $1.49
  • Use $1.00 Arm & Hammer from Here
  • Final Price .49 each
Knorr Rice or Pasta Sides .88 each (Must buy 4)
  • Use (2) .60/2 Knorr rice or Pasta from 1/31SS
  • Final Price 58 each wyb 4
Quaker Oatmeal $1.99 each (Must buy 3 or more)
  • Buy (6) Use (3) $2.00 off Quaker Oatmeal from Albertsons Coupon book
  • Final Price .99 each wyb 6
I don't know about everyone else but I feel like the grocery stores are really testing our coupon match up skills with these Boring ads. Yes I said it very Boring!

More Birthday Freebies

Coldstone has another Birthday Freebie. You can sign the entire family up Here to receive free Like it create your own creation (Ice cream + 1 mix-in) served in a cup. This one is great because you can get it 7 days before or 7 days after your Birthday. Sydnie and I can have a Birthday treat together. :-)

Get a free Burger on you Birthday From Red Robin Here or a Free Kids meal if your under 13 Here

Free Dessert at Jack in the Box on your Birthday

Tomorrow just happens to be my Birthday and Friday my youngest daughter turns 4. So I'll be looking for Birthday freebies for the two of us. :-) I will definitely be choosing the Chocolate Overload cake for my treat tomorrow. If you have a Birthday coming up soon go Here to score a free treat for yourself.

Albertsons 2/24-3/2

There is a General Mills Promotion this week but it has quite a few stipulations with it. Save $7.00 (On your next shopping trip) wyb $20 or more of participating General Mills products. Limit 1 offer per customer. Minimum purchase requirement is calculated after manufacturer and store coupons. Rats!

General Mills Cereal $2.50 each 14oz Cheerios, 17oz Cinnamon Toast Crunch, 16oz Lucky Charms, 18oz Reese's Peanut Butter Puffs, 17.1 oz Wheaties Fuel.
  • Use $1.00/2 off General Mills IE or FF or Here
  • Final price $2.00
Betty Crocker Cake Mix $1.00
  • Use .75 Cake Mix from Here (No longer Available)
  • Final price .25 each
Betty Crocker Frosting $1.50 each
  • Use .50 Frosting from Here, Here or Here
  • Final price $1.00
Betty Crocker Warm Delights $1.69 each
  • Use .50 Warm Delights from Here or Here
  • Final price $1.19 each
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $2.50 each
  • Use .50/2 Fruit snacks from Here
  • Final price $2.25 each wyb 2
Catalina Promotion for Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks 2/22/10-3/21/10
  • Buy 3 Receive $1.50 OYNO
  • Buy 4 Receive $2.50 OYNO
  • Buy 5+ Receive $3.50 OYNO Thanks Frugal Chic Living
Progresso High Fiber Soup, Rich & Hearty, or Traditional $1.50 each
  • Use $1/3 Progresso soup from Here
  • Final price $1.17 each
Nature Valley Nut Clusters $2.50 each
  • Use $1.00 Nature Valley nut clusters from 2/21 SS
  • Or Use $1.00 nut clusters from Here or Here
  • Final price $1.50
Pillsbury Cinnamon, Orange Sweet Rolls or Crescent rolls $2
  • Use .40/2 Sweet Rolls from Here or Here
  • Final price $1.80 each
Wachai Ferry or Macaroni Grill dinner kit $3.50 each
  • Use $1.00 Wanchai Ferry & Macaroni Grill from Here or Here
  • Final price $2.50 each
Grands Biscuits $1.25
  • Use .30/2 from Here or Here
  • Final price $1.10 each
Chex Mix $2.50
  • Use .50 Chex Mix from Here or Here
  • Final price $2.00
Betty Crocker Muffin Mix $2.00
  • Use .50 Muffin mix from Here or Here or Here
  • Final price $1.50
Fiber One Snack Bars $2.50 each
  • Use .40 Fiber One from Here or Here
  • Final price $2.10 each
Catalina Promotion for Fiber One granola bars 2/22/10 -3/21/10
  • Buy 3 Receive $1.50 OYNO
  • Buy 4 Receive  $2.50 OYNO
  • Buy 5+ Receive $3.50 OYNO   Thanks Frugal Chic Living
Pillsbury Cookie Dough $2.50 each
  • Use $1/2 Pillsbury cookie dough from Here
  • Final price $2.00 each
Fresh Express Salad $1.47 each w/in store coupon
  • Use $1.00 Fresh express salad from Albertsons coupon book exp 2/28
  • Final Price .47 each

Monday, February 22, 2010

Free Sample of Olay Total Effects

Go Here for a Free sample of Olay Total effects body wash Here

Thanks Hip2save

Oreo Cakester Coupons

$1.00 off Oreo Cakesters IE or FF and you can also print two from Here

Free Grilled Sandwich at Jack in the Box 2/23 Only!

Tomorrow only you can get a Free Grilled Sandwich with the purchase of large Drink. Choose between Turkey Bacon & Cheddar or Deli Trio.
I was able to get a hold of three store in Spokane that are participating. If you are able to reach another store leave a comment below.
6318 N Division St
5 W Hawthorne Rd (Corner of Division and Hawthorne)
4220 E Sprague
Thanks DealseekingMom

Coupon Inserts 2/21

Since coupons vary by region I'm going to try and list the coupons for the Spokesman Review each week making it easier to do coupon match ups. If anyone would like to help I would love to share the credit.

Smart Source 2/21

Chocolate Cheerios exp .50 4/3/10
Chuck E Cheese’s coupons exp 4/24/10
Colgate Max White, Max Fresh, Total, Sensitive or Kids 4oz or larger .75 exp 3/31/10
Ester C tablets $5.00 exp 4/7/10
Fiber one toaster pastries .50 exp 4/3/10
Frusion Yogurt smoothies $1/4 exp 4/30
Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers .50/2 exp 4/17/10
Green Giant Frozen boxed vegetables .60/3 exp 4/17/10
Halls cough $1/2 exp 3/27/10
Hydroxy Cut $3.00 exp 4/21/10
Jennie O Turkey store refrigerated entrees .55 exp 4/18
Kaboom Foam- tastic bath cleaner .55 7/31
Kabooom Shower, tub & tile cleaner .50 7/31/10
Keurig 12 count K cup packages $2/2
Nature Valley granola Clusters $1.00 exp 4/17/10
No Yokes Pasta .75 exp 6/30/10
Marie Calendars Home Style Creation $1.50 exp 4/15/10
Mentos Gum .55 exp 5/31/10
Oust Surface disinfectant & Air sanitizer $1.00 exp 4/17/10
Planters Big Nut Bars .75 exp 5/31
Poise Pads $1.00 exp 4/4/10
Poise Liners $1.00 exp 4/4/10
Silk soy milk $1.00 exp 5/31/10
Snyder’s Hanover Pretzel sandwiches bag or single serving pack $1.00 4/30/10
Viva Paper towels 1 Big Roll .40 exp 4/4/10
Wheaties Cereal .75 exp 4/3/10
Woolite Rug Stick $3.00 exp 4/30/10
Woolite Heavy traffic cleaner $1.00 exp 4/30/10
Ziploc Slider bags .55 exp 4/17/10
Ziploc Slider bags $1/2 exp 4/17/10

Red Plum 2/21

Alka Seltzer Plus products 10ct + $1.00 exp 5/31/10
Charmin TP $1.00 Target Coupon exp 3/28/10
Duracell 8ct + $1.00 Target Coupon exp 3/28/10
Flexamin Joint Care product $6.00 exp 4/6/10
Folgers product 7oz + .25 exp 3/21/10
Gallo Salame pepperoni $1.00 exp 4/15/10
Gallo Salame product 8oz + exp 4/15/10
Kibbles n Bits Dry dog food 16lb+ $2.00 4/30/10
Kibbles n Bits Dry dog food 8lbs or smaller $1.00 4/30/10
Pepcid product $2.00 exp 5/31/10
Purex liquid detergent or 3 in 1 laundry sheets Buy one get one Free 3/6/10
Purina Mighty Dog B1G1 Free exp 4/1/10
Purina Might Dog Variety Pack $1.00 exp 4/1/10
Smuckers Jam, Jelly, preserves or fruit spread .25 exp 5/31/10
Super Pretzels product .50 exp 4/21/10
Swiffer Sweeper Starter Kit $2.00 Target Coupon 3/28/10
Swiffer Wet Jet starter kit $5.00 Target Coupon 3/28/10
Uncle Ben’s whole grain Brown rice $1.00 exp 4/18/10
Uncle Ben’s rice products $1/2 exp 4/18

P&G 2/21/10

Bounce Dryer Bar $1.50 exp 3/31/10
Clearblue easy pregnancy or ovulation test $1.00 exp 3/31/10
Crest Premium toothpaste 4.0+ $1.00 (excludes Cavity, Baking soda, Tartar) exp 3/31/10
Downy liquid softener or dryer sheets .25 exp 3/31/10
Fixodent 1.2 oz + .25 exp 3/31/10
Fusion Shave prep get gillete body wash free exp 3/31/10
Gillette body wash or deodorant $1.00 exp 3/31/10
Gillette body wash or deodorant $4/2
Gillete Clinical deodorant $3 exp 3/31/10
Glide Floss 35m+ .25 exp 3/31/10
Metamucil Clear and natural $1.00 exp 3/31/10
Old Spice Red Zone $3/2 Body wash exp 3/31/10
Old Spice Cologne or After Shave $2/2 exp 3/31/10
Old Spice Antiperspirant/deodorant or body wash $1.00 exp 3/31
Old Spice Body Spray B1G1 Free exp 3/31
Purchase Old Spice Red zone or Pro strenght anti-perspirant/deodorant get $2 off body wash
Oral B Pulsar, Cross Action, Advantage, or (2) Indicators .75 exp 3/31/10
Pampers Cruisers diapers $2.00 exp 3/31/10
Pepto Bismol any product .50 exp 3/31/10
Purchase Olay Regenerist Facial Moisturizer get free Olay Body wash exp 3/31/10
Purchase Olay Regenerist Facial Moisturizer get freeOlay Body lotion exp 3/31
Pantene products $1/2 exp 3/31/10
Pringles 180g+ .50/4 exp 3/31/10
Puffs 3pk or .25/3 Puffs singles
Purchase Pro x olay facial moisturizer or cleanser get free Venus Embrace razor exp 3/31/10
Purchase Pro x olay facial moisturizer or cleanser get free Secret Clinical deodorant exp 3/31/10
Pur or Pur flavor options system (Pitcher or Faucet mount) $3.00 exp 3/31/10
Scope Rinse 710ml+ $1.00 exp 3/31/10
Vicks product Any $1.50 exp 3/31/10

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rite Aid 2/21-2/27

Remeber to use $5/$25 purchase from Here or sign up for Video Value Rewards and earn $5/$20 purchase from Here.

J&J Shampoo, Baby wash, lotion Buy one $4.49 get one .01
  • Use (2) $1.00 J&J from Here or IE or FF or IE or FF or IE or FF
  • Use (2) $1.00 J&J Video Value Rewards
  • Final Price .25 each
Febreeze fabric freshner $4.99 each
  • Use B1G1 Free Febreeze from 1/17 P&G
  • Use $1.00 off Febreeze 2/7 P&G
  • Submit for $2.00 SCR
  • Final Price $1.00 each
Kotex Maxi pads, Tampons, Lightdays 2/$11
  • Use $1.50/2 Kotex Tampons from Here
  • Use $2/2 Kotex Pads from Here
  • Use $1.50/2 Lightdays from Here
  • Submit for $3.00 SCR wyb 2
  • Final Price $3.00-$3.50 each after coupons and SCR
Finesse Shampoo, Conditioner, or Stylers $2.99 each
  • Submit for $2.00 SCR
  • Final Price .99 each
Quilted Northern TP $6.49 each (12 Double rolls)
  • Use $1.00 Quilted Northern 1/24SS
  • Use $2.00 Quilted Northern January Video Value (If you completed)
  • Final Price $3.49

Rite Aid

I received an email from Rite Aid letting me know of another great promotion running Feb 25-27th. Buy one Rite aid product receive the second item 50% off.  If you have been playing the Game of Life you should have some pretty good coupons to go along with this promotion. Pair it with the $5/$25 coupon from Here for an even sweeter deal. 

Here are a few of Rite aid coupons I found from the Game of Life
  • $1.00 off Rite Aid Brand Valued $4 and up
  • .50 off Rite Aid Batteries
  • .50 off Rite Aid Peanuts
  • $1.00 off Rite Aid Bath Tissue

Target Deals

This was my Target deal from Thursday.  I waited all week for them to get the Venus Razors back in stock. 
I purchased the incorrect size of the Olay to receive the $5.00 GC but took it to customer service and they fixed it for me. :-)

(4) Veuns Razors $6.99 each (Receive $5 GC wyb 2)
  • -(4) $2.00 Venus Razors coupons 2/7 P&G
  • -(1) $2.00 Venus Razors Target mobile Coupon
  • Final Price $4.99 each ($17.96)
(4) Olay Body Wash $7.99 each
  • -(4) Olay Body Wash wyb Venus Razor 2/7 P&G
  • Final Price Free
(2) Tidy Cats litter $1.68 each
  • -(2) $1.00 Tidy Cats from Here
  • Final Price .68 each ($1.36)
(4) 4pk GE Reveal Light bulbs $2.16 each
  • -(4) $1.00 GE Reveal Light bulbs 1/3SS
  • -(4) $1.50 GE Reveal Light bulbs 1/3SS from Here
  • Final Price .34 Money Maker (-$1.36)
(2) J&J Buddies Soap .97 each
  • -(2) .97 Buddies from Here (Cashier priced $1.00 coupon down)
  • Final Price Free
(6) J&J First Aid to Go .97 each
  • -(6) $2.00 J&J Product Safeway Jan Coupon book
  • Final Price $1.03 Money Maker on each (-$6.18)
(2) J&J Bandaids $2.59 each Buy 2 Get Free Neosporin
  • -(2)  $2.00 J&J Product Safeway Jan Coupon book
  • -(1) $1.00 off Neosporin Safeway Jan Coupon book
  • Final Price .09 for Bandaids and Free Neosporin (.18)
(2) 4pk Dove Men + Care Body soap $3.99 each
  • -$1.00 Dove Men + Care Target coupon from Here
  • -$1.75 Dove Men + Care from Here
  • Final Price $1.24 ($2.48)
(8) Trial Size Bandaids .97
  • -(8) Bandaids from January Safeway coupon book
  • Final Price Free
Total OOP $14.44 Plus I got $15 in Target GC and a $15 Mail in Rebate from Olay body wash

After GC and Rebate $15.56 Money Maker

$1.00 off Smuckers Uncrustables

Save $1.00 on Smucker's Uncrustables Here (Leave the zip code blank to find the coupon) Remember to print twice.

Safeway Deals

I could hardly contain my excitement tonight when I stopped by Safeway.  I love the 100 calorie pack Chips ahoy cookies so I was going to take advantage of the 3/$5 deal this weekend.  When I picked up the box I realized the box behind had a $1.50 peelie on it. Wahoo! .16 Nabisco 100 Calorie packs. 

(3) Boxes 100 Calorie Fudge Drizzled Chips Ahoy $1.66 each
  • -(3) $1.50 Chips ahoy peelies
  • Final Price .16 each (.48)
(21) Boxes Rice A Roni .75 each
  • -(7) $1/3 Rice A Roni 1/3 RP
  • -(2) $3/10 Rice A Roni Safeway coupon book
  • Final Price .13 each ($2.75)
(2) Lucky Charms $2.00 each
  • -(2) $1.00 Lucky Charms
  • -(2) .55 Lucky Charms E coupons
  • Final Price .45 each (.90)
(1) Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters $3.49
  • - $1.00 Nature Valley Granola
  • -(4) $1.00 Nature Valley Granola Ecoupons
  • -(4) .40 Granola Ecoupons
  • Final Price $3.11 Money Maker
(1) Warm Delights dessert $1.69 each
  • -.50 Warm Delights dessert
  • -(4) .50 Warm Delights dessert
  • Final Price .81 Money Maker
(1) Nature Valley Granola bars $1.50
  • -.40 Nature Valley Granola bars
  • Final Price $1.10
(2) Select Harvest Soup $1.00 each
  • -(2) $1.00 Select Harvest soup
  • Final Price Free
(4) Premium Saltine Crackers $1.29 each
  • -(4) $1.00 Nabisco Crackers 1/24 SS
  • -(4) $1.00 Nabisco Crackers Safeway coupon book
  • Final Price $2.84 Money Maker
(2) Nabisco Cheese Nips .99 each
  • -(2) $1.00 Nabisco Crackers 1/24SS
  • -(2) $1.00 Nabisco Crackers Safeway coupon book
  • Final Price $2.02 Money Maker
(4) Betty Crocker Cake Mixes .89 each
  • -(4) .75 Betty Crocker Cake Mix
  • Final price .14 each (.56)
(1) Bounce Dryer Bar $4.99 each
  • -$1.00 Bounce Safeway Coupon
  • -$1.00 Bounce Home Mailer
  • -$1.00 Bounce Dryer Bar Ecoupon
  • Final Price $1.99
(1) Betty Crocker Cookie Mix $1.25 each
  • -$1.00 Betty Crocker wyb Cookie mix and Frosting
  • -(3) .40 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix
  • Final Price .95 Money Maker
(1) Betty Crocker Frosting $1.39 each
  • -(4) .50 Betty Crocker Frosting Ecoupons
  • Final Price .61 Money Maker
Yoplait Fiber One yogurt $2.50
  • -$1.00 Fiber One yogurt
  • -(2) $1.00 Fiber One ecoupons
  • Final Price .50 Money Maker
Tree Top Apple Juice $1.79 (Not pictured)

Guinea Pig Food $2.00

(2) Grands Biscuits $1.99
  • -$1/2 Grands Biscuits
  • -$1/2 Grands Biscuits Safeway coupon book
  • -(2) .50 Ecoupons
  • Final price .49 each (.98)
(2) Cinnamon Rolls$2.29 each
  • -(2) .95 Cinnamon Rolls
  • - $1/2 Cinnamon Rolls Safeway coupon book
  • -(2) .40 Cinnamon rolls Ecoupons
  • Final Price .44 each (.88)
(2) Crescent Rolls $1.69 each
  • -$1/2 Crescent Rolls
  • -$1/2 Crescent Rolls Safeway coupon book
  • -(2) .50 Crescent Rolls
  • Final Price .19 each (.38)
Total OOP $2.97 OOP Plus I got back $4.00 Catalina from Pillsbury

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Albertsons Deals

After a long day at work I wasn't going to run out to Albertsons for Free Dr. Pepper but I sure am glad that I did.  They did not have as much sell through as they had planned so they were letting you get up to eight for Free.  I did my transaction then sent my son and his friends up for two more.  

Darigold Sour Cream $1.79
  • - B1G1 Free Sour Cream
  • -.40 Darigold Sour Cream (For the one that I didn't get free)
  • Final Price $1.39 for two
Betty Crocker Brownies $1.00 each
  • -.50 Betty Crocker Brownies (NLA)
  • Final Price .50 each
(20) 2 litre Dr Pepper $1.25
  • -$1.25 Dr Pepper One Day only Sale
  • Final Price Free ($1.74 Tax)
Final Price $5.13 Used (2) $2.00 Catalinas from Del Monte promotion

Total OOP $1.13

Friday, February 19, 2010

Walgreens 2/21-2/27

Venus Embrace $8.99 receive $4.00 RR
  • Use $2.00 Venus Embrace 2/7 P&G
  • Use Buy Venus Embrace receive Free Olay Body Wash
  • Final Price $2.99 for both after coupon and RR
Goody Ouchless Elastics $2.99 each
  • Recieve $2.00 RR
  • Final Price .99 after RR
Excederin Pain Relief $2.50 each
  • Use $2.00 Excederin from Here
  • Final Price .50 after coupon
Trident layers gum .99 each
  • Use .75 Trident layers gum from 2/7SS
  • Final Price .24 each
Children's Motrin $4.79 each receive $3.00 RR wyb 2
  • Use $4/2 Children's Motrin from Safeway coupon book
  • Final price $1.29 each after coupons and RR
Gillette Fusion Razor $8.99 each receive $4.00 RR
  • Use $4.00 Gillette Fusion razors 2/7 P&G
  • Final Price .99 each after coupon and RR
Excedrin menstrual cycle $2.50 each receive $2.00 RR
  • Use $2.00 Excedrin from Here
  • Final Price $1.50 money maker after coupon and RR
Tylenol Cough, Cold, Sinus or Allergy Relief $4.99 each recieve $3.00 RR wyb 2
  • Use $4/2 Tylenol (January Coupon Book)
  • Final Price $2.98/2 after coupons and RR
Hunt's tomato sauce .39 w/in store coupon
  • Use $1/3 from Here (Recession payback)
  • Final Price .17/3
Children's Tylenol $4.49 each receive $3.00 RR wyb 2 (HOT Deal!)

  • Use $4/2 Children's Tylenol from Safeway coupon book
  • Use $1.00 Walgreens coloring book (Will deduct $2.00)
  • Final Price .02/2 Money Maker after coupons and $3.00RR

Land O Frost Premium Lunch meat

If you haven't printed it yet. Here is a $2.00 coupon for Land O Frost Premium lunch meat.
(If you don't have a Twitter account just leave it blank)

Leah at La Vida Cheapo is reporting that it is $3.00 at Yokes so $1.00 after coupon.  I also saw it at Walmart for $3.00 too.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Albertsons 2/17-2/23

I've had an extremely crazy week at work (Corporate visit yuck!)  Anyway this week at Albertsons is a sleeper for me.  Jane at All Together Beautiful did a wonderful job putting together the matchups for us. Thanks Jane 

Maybe we will see some doublers to make it a little fun this weekend.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Free Tropical Chewy LemonHeads

LemonHeads were one of my favorite candies when I was younger. Looks like they are coming out with a new product. Go Here for a Free sample of Tropical Chewy Lemonhead.  Yummy!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Printable Coupons

$1.00 off Cheerios IE or FF  (Thanks Pritablecoupons&deals)

$1.00 Special K Fruit Crisp bars
$1.00 Special K Protein Drinks
$1.00 Special Lo Fat Granola

$1.00 off Starbucks Frapuccino Here (This has reset if you only printed once)

Rite Aid 2/14-2/20

Use the $5/$25 purchase from Here or Here or Sign up for the Video Value rewards from Here for $5/$20 purchase.  Then sign up Here to access SCR (Single Check Rebate) This program is so easy to use just sign up and each time you make a purchase go online to your account and enter the receipt information.  At the end of each month when you have completed your purchases submit for your check to be sent. I love that I don't have to mail anything in and it's much easier then juggling RR from Walgreens.

Huggies Jumbo pack Diapers or Training pants $8.99\
  • Use $2.00 Huggies (Use $2.00 January Safeway book)
  • Use $1.00 Huggies January Video Value Rewards
  • Submit for $3.00 SCR
  • Final Price $2.99 after coupons and SCR (Limit 1)
Cottonelle Double Roll 20pk $10.99
  • Use $1.00 Cottonelle Albertsons coupon book
  • Use $1.00 Video Value Rewards
  • Submit for $2.00 SCR
  • Final Price $6.99 after coupons and SCR (Paper shows limit 1 but internet shows 2)
Halls Cough Drops .99 each
  • Use .50 Halls March All You magazine (Pg 56)
  • Final Price .49 each
Motrin PM $2.99 (Buy 2)
  • Use $4/2 Motrin from January Safeway coupon book
  • Submit for $2 SCR
  • Final Price two for Free after coupon and SCR (Limit one Rebate

Albertsons Doublers

There is another set of Doublers in todays paper. They are numbered 1,2,3 so you will not be able to use them with the doublers that cam out on Wed. 

Target Mobile Phone Coupons

If you haven't signed up for Target mobile text coupons you can still do it Here.  It takes about 2 weeks before you receive your first text so don't wait long.

* I received my first text today for $1.00 off of Tide and $2.00 off Gillette Fusion or Venus Razors. I'm going to take advantage of it today with the following scenario.

Free $5.00 Target Gift Card wyb 2 Gillette razors (Fusion Power or Venus Breeze)
Unadvertised buy 3 Total Effects Body Wash receive $5.00 Target GC

(3) Venus Breeze $6.99 each
(1) Fusion Power $6.99
(3) Total Effects Body Wash $5.49 each
  • -(3) $2.00 Venus Breeze P&G 2/7
  • -(1) $4.00 Fusion Power P&G 2/7
  • -(3) Buy Venus Breeze get free Body wash P&G 2/7
  • -$2.00 Venus Target mobile coupon
  • Total OOP $15.96 Plus I will get back $15 in Target Gift Cards Yeah!
*There is also a $15 Mail in Rebate from Olay wyb 3 Body wash. That makes this deal a Money Maker.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rite Aid 3 Day Only Sale

I received an email from Rite Aid today letting me know that they will be offering 20% off all regular priced over the counter medications including cough, cold and pain medications and other medicine cabinet necessities.  Thursday, Friday and Saturday only Feb 18-20th.  This could make for some really great deals this week. I will work on matchups soon. 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Albertson's Doubler Ideas

Here are a few more ideas for your Doublers this week

Dawn Hand Renewal Dish Soap $1.99
  • Use $1.00 Dawn Hand Renewal (Home Made Simple coupon Book)
  • Use Albertsons Doubler
  • Final Price Free
Hot Pockets Sideshots $2.00 (Albies on 32nd had them for $1.88)
  • Use .75 Hot Pocket Sideshots 1/31RP 
  • Use Doubler
  • Final Price .38-.50 each
Huggies Diaper Wipes $2.79
  • Use $1.00 Huggies Wipes (Safeway Coupon Book)
  • Use Doubler
  • Final Price .79
Dawn Direct Foam Dish Soap $1.99
  • Use $1.50 Direct Foam (Home Made Simple coupon book)
  • Final Price .49 each

Home Made Simple Coupon Book

Here is a new link for the Home made simple coupon book.  This is a high value book full of great coupons.  I always look forward to getting these in the mail. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Thanks Hip2Save

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chance to Win Free Rice

My Friend Leah at La Vida Cheapo scored some Fantastic coupons for FREE rice.  I don't know about you but we love our rice.  It's actually one of the items that I am looking to stock up on (That's if the price is right). Anway she will be giving away to Three lucky winners two coupons for free rice. So stop on over  and enter for a chance to win.  

Oh I forgot to mention Leah has challenged me to a Rice Throwdown.  Obviously she doesn't know who she's messing with. LOL

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Albertsons Cereal Sale and New Coupons just released some great new cereal coupons just in time for the sale at Albertsons. Personally I have a hard time believing that anyone who has been couponing long needs cereal. Or maybe I'm just crazy and have an overabundance of it myself. But, if you need some there just happens to be a Catalina offer starting as well so the deals will get even better.

Kellogg's Cereal $1.88 12-20 oz Select Varieties Pictured Frosted Flakes, Raisin Bran and Rice Krispies (I'm sure there will be more)
  • Use $1.50/2 Select Varieties from Here
  • Use $1.00 Select Varieties from Here (This one can be doubled)
  • Use $2/2 Select Varities from Here

Buy selected Kellogg's cereals between 2/10 - 3/10

Buy (3) Receive $1 Catalina
Buy (4) Receive $3 Catalina
Buy (5) or more Receive $4 Catalina
Participating products:
Frosted Flakes 10 oz or larger
Apple Jacks 10 oz or larger
Fruit Loops 10 oz or larger
Corn Pops 10 oz or larger
Cocoa Krispies 10 oz or larger
Honey Smacks 10oz or larger

Thanks to Jane at All Together Beautiful for the specifics on the Catalina Promotion.

Albertsons 2/10-2/16 Yeah Doubles!

Yeah! There are doubles in this weeks ad. (Valid 2/10-2/16) There is no big promotion going on this week. Looks like it will just be a week of Doubler ideas.
Angel Soft TP $4.99
  • -$1.00 Angel Soft TP from Here (Use Zip Code 90210)
  • -$1.00 Albertsons Doubler
  • Final Price $2.99

Del Monte Vegetables and Tomatoes $1.00 each

  • Use $1.00/4 from Here
  • Use $1.00 Albertsons Doubler
  • Final Price $2.00 Plus you will get $1.00 Catalina back

*Del Monte Catalina Promotion

  • Purchase 3-4 Del Monte receive $1.00 Catalina
  • Purchase 5 Del Monte receive $1.50
  • Purchase 6 Del Monte receive $2.00 Catalina


(8) Cans Del Monte Canned tomatoes $1.00 each

  • Use (2) $1/4 from Here
  • Use (2) $1.00 Doublers from Albertsons
  • Pay $4.00 Get back $2.00 Catalina

Whitman's Sampler Candy 10-12oz $4.99 each

  • Use $1.00 Whitman Sampler 12/13SS ?
  • Albertsons Doubler
  • Final Price $2.99 each

Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta $1.00

  • Use .75 Smart Taste pasta 12/6 SS
  • Use Doubler
  • Final Price Free

Hunt's Pasta Sauce $1.00 each

  • Use .50/2 From Here
  • Use Doubler
  • Final Price $1/2

Activia $1.99

  • Use $1.00 Activia 1/1 SS
  • Use Doubler
  • Final Price Free

Dan Active Yogurt $1.99

  • Use $1.00 Dan Active 1/1 SS
  • Use Doubler
  • Final Price Free

Monday, February 8, 2010

Walgreens Deals

OK I just have to vent a little. Please Don't clear the shelves! There are lot's of people couponing. I wanted (2) of the Dove Men's + Care Body wash but the cashier told me that one woman took (17) bottles. Really???? Enough said. I still had fun rolling my RR.
Transaction #1
(1) Huggies Diapers $8.99
(2) Children's Tylenol $4.49 each (After RR and coupons these come out FREE!)
(3) Valentines Pencils .20 each
(2) Kotex Tampons $3.00 each
  • - $2.00 Huggies Diapers
  • -$4/2 Children's Tylenol (Safeway Coupon Book)
  • - (2) $1.00 Children's Tylenol (Walgreens Coloring book)
  • -$1.00 Huggies (Walgreens Coloring book)
  • - $1.50/2 Kotex Tampons
  • - $14 in Previous RR

Total OOP $1.98 After Tax Plus I got back $9.00 in RR

Transaction #2

(1) Huggies Diapers $8.99

(2) Kotex Tampons $3.00 each

(3) Pencils .20 each

  • -(1) $2.00 Huggies
  • - $1.50/2 Kotex Tampons
  • - $1.00 Huggies Walgreens coloring book
  • - $10 in Previous RR

Total OOP $2.06 Plus I got back $6.00 in RR

*Yes That is my toddlers hand grabbing the pencils before I could even finish taking the picture.