Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Achooo Tissue anyone?

Safeway has another great Catalina going on this week. If the Flu hits our family this year we are going to be well stocked. Here is the deal:
Buy 3 boxes of Kleenex .99 each
  • Use the .50/3 Blinkie found above the kleenex
  • (I guess the Shadle store does not have the Blinkie)
  • Pay $2.71 OOP
  • But then get back a $3 oyno Catalina and a coupon for $1/4 Kleenex

Then Buy 4 boxes of Kleenex .99 each

  • Use the $1/4 catalina
  • And the $3 Catalina
  • Pay .30 OOP and of course get the same two catalinas

That's .07 a box. I can live with that. This Catalina is good until Oct. 3rd

* Update: It looks like they may have pulled this deal. I called the Catalina company today and they said that it was not supposed to work on these boxes.

Target deals

I spent a little more then I usually would today but I really wanted to stock up on the Magic erasers. (We go through a lot of these)
  • (20) 2pk Magic Erasers $2.54 each = $50.80
  • (9) Johnson Soap Buddies .97 each = $8.73
  • (30) Facy Feast appetizers for cats $1.22 each = $36.60
  • (1) Glade Scented Reed Diffuser $4.49 = $4.49
  • (2) 3.5lb Purina one cat food $5.99 each = $11.98
  • (4) 8lb Purina one dog food $9.08 each = $36.62

-(15) B1G1 Free Fancy Feast appetizer

-(15) Target B1G1 Free Fancy Feast appetizer from Here

-(9) J&J $1 coupons (We didn't get these so I ordered them on Ebay)

-(10) B1G1 free Magic Erasers

-(10) $1 Magic Erasers

-(1) $3 Glade (Blinkie at FM)

-(6) $3 Purina one coupons

-(6) $2 Target Purina on coupons from Here

Total OOP $41.46 ($11.00 was tax)

Total Saved $122.00

Coupon Crazy!

It's hard to say when it happened, But I know for sure that it's true. I am a couponaholic!
10 tell tale signs that you are now addicted
1. You dream about couponing, or about your next scenario. 2. You won't buy something because you don't have a coupon for it. (Even though you need it) 3. Every magazine you pick up, you look for coupons first. 4. You haven't watched a single tv show since you started couponing. 5. You have taught your kids to look for the "Blinkies" in the grocery store. 6. Your husband uses coupons to entice you to come to bed. 7. Your camping with the family, but looking for a wi-fi connection the whole time. (and you smuggled the printer so that you can print coupons) 8. You scare the newspaper man every Sunday morning waiting on the porch. (Even though you already know what's coming) 9. You train your children to cut and sort coupons for you and pretend it's some great new game. (And you start to question how long it will be until your toddler can help too) 10. Your three year old wakes up crying from a nap, and when you ask her what's wrong she says "I just need to go couponing at Albertsons!"
I'm thinking instead of teaching coupon classes I should start Couponaholics classes. I would be the first member as I can't stop shopping! I posted this in July but with all my shopping lately I thought I needed to again.

Yoplait Save lids & Save lives

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer within her lifetime.Since there is no cure, Yoplait and Dr. Kristi Funk, celebrity breast cancer surgeon, are raising awareness about the disease.
You too can make a difference when participating in Yoplait’s Save Lids to Save Lives. Yoplait will donate 10 cents to Susan G. Komen for the Cure® for every pink lid sent in by December 31, 2009, up to $1.5 million, with a guaranteed donation of $500,000.
Log on to and start your own lid collection team. Print the coupon below and start collecting! YoPlus just joined the cause with four lids in each pack. Help us prove that every lid does matter.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Albertsons 9/30

There are no Doublers in this weeks ad. But I read on Hot Coupon World that there will be on Sunday. Looks like I will start my shopping on Sunday.

General Mills Cereal $2.50 each WYB 4 $1.75 each

  • Honey Nut Cheerios, Trix, Cookie Crisp or Lucky Charm
  • Or $1/2 Here
  • Final price will vary

Nature Valley Granola Bars $2.50 each WYB 4 $1.75 each

  • Use the .40 from 9/13 GM insert or Here
  • Final price $1.35

Betty Crocker Fruit snacks $2.50 each WYB 4 $1.75 each

  • Use the .50/2 coupon from Here
  • or .40 coupon from Here
  • Final price will vary

Nabisco Planters Promo $2.50 each WYB 4 $1.75 each

Planters Peanuts

Ritz Cracker

  • Use the .75 cent ff 2 coupon from 8/23 SS
  • final price $1.38

Wheat Thins Crackers

  • use the .75/2 8/23 SS
  • or use the $1 coupon printable at Here and Here
  • Final price will vary

Triscuit Crackers

  • Use the .75/2 8/23 SS
  • Final price $1.38

Crackerfuls Crackers

  • Use Buy one Ritz get Crackerfuls free from 8/23 SS

A&W, Sunkist, or Dr Pepper dessert toppings $2.00 each

  • $1.00 off Dessert toppings
  • Albertsons doubler
  • Final price Free

Happy Birthday!

Today was my hubbies 40th Birthday. We had a really nice day with the family. I feel very blessed to have such a large family to share special days with. Thanks for everyone that helped make this day so great!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Free Sample Kotex overnight

Go on over Here for a free sample of Kotex overnight. These will not last long so don't wait.

Pillsbury Coupons

These are some great high $ coupons make sure and print them right away. You should be able to print four from each computer.
Save $1 on any one package of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls: IE or Firefox.
Save $1 on ANY one Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls or Italian Meal Breads - includes any Loaves, Bread sticks, Dinner Rolls and Pizza Crust: IE or Firefox

Toaster Strudel

Save $1/1 Pillsbury Toaster Strudel (new link): IE or Firefox Print them while you can.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

New York Strip steaks $13.50
(6) B1G1 Free Dentyne Gum $1.19 each
(2) 1/2 gallon Chocolate Milk $1.00
(8) FM Butter $2.00 each
(4) Hormell dinners $6.99 each
  • -(3) B1G1 Free Dentyne gum $1.19 (6 for Free)
  • -$2 off Meat from Wishbone promo
  • (8) .75 In store coupon Butter
  • -$4 Catalina from Glade promo
  • (4) $3 In store Hormell coupon
  • (4) $2 Hormell coupon
  • = $25.46 OOP


I had so much fun at Walgreens this morning. When I saw their ad I knew that I had better get there early or nothing would be left. This is what I got;
  • Gillette Fusion razor $9.00
  • (2) Halls Refresh drops (Sugar Free) $1.00 each
  • Robitussin to Go $2.49
  • Dentek floss picks $2.00
  • Oral B TB $3.00
  • (2) Halloween coloring books (Bribery) $1/2
  • Emergen-C $3.49
  • (2) Dawn dish soaps .99 each
  • Vaseline body lotion $6.99
  • Herbal Essence conditioner $2.99
  • (2) Ponds make up removal wipes $6.99 each
  • Chapstick Refreshing Mandarin $2.99
  1. -$4.00 Gillette fusion razor 9/27 P&G
  2. -$1.00 Halls Refresh 9/27 SS
  3. -$1.00 B1G1 Free Halls Refresh (Tear pad at FredMeyer)
  4. -.33 Walgreens in store coupon coloring book
  5. -$6.99 B1G1 Free Ponds
  6. -(2) $1.50 Ponds products Here
  7. -(2) .50 Dawn dish soap (Home mailer)
  8. -$1.00 Dentek floss coupon ($1 May & April All You) or Here
  9. -$1.50 Vaseline coupon Here and Here
  10. -$1.00 Herbal essence RP 8/23
  11. -$21.00 in RR

Total OOP $13.96 But then I got back $28 in RR

That's like paying $6.95 for everything including $3.88 in Tax.

*For those of you that don't have a stockpile of RR you could do the same deal that I did use the $5/$25 that is valid Tue & Wed. And get some great deals. Have a back up plan because Walgreeens is notorious for not restocking their shelves.


Albertsons has a flyer in todays Newspaper. There are three coupons;
  • Albertsons dozen eggs .99
  • $3 off when you spend $30 or more (Can't remember the last time I spent $30 at Albertsons) After coupons.
  • $1.00 off produce when you buy $10 or more.


From 9/27 - 10/3 FredMeyer is offering 2 rewards points for every $1 spent

Some of my favorites this week

  • New York Steaks $4.79lb
  • 1/2 gallon milk, chock milk or oj $1.00 with in store coupon
  • Pumpkins .18lb (Didn't have a garden this year)
  • Fred Meyer butter $1.25each with in store coupon (First 8)
  • FM 18 pack eggs $1.50

Hormel fully cooked diner entrees $3.99

Hormel Coupons Great printables available HERE, including:

  • -$.55 off Hormel Natural Choice deli meat
  • -$.55 off Hormel Pepperoni
  • -$1 off Hormel Microwave Ready Bacon
  • -$1 off one Hormel party tray
  • -$2 off Hormel refrigerated entree!

Dentyne Gum B1G1 Free

  • B1G1 Free coupon blinkie at Albertsons (I found them in front of the coffee)

I'm sure there are lots more great deals, These are the ones that caught my eye.

RiteAid 9/27-10/3

Make sure and use the $5/$25 coupon from Here
Gillette Fusion Razor $9.00 each
  • -$5.00 SCR
  • -$4.00 P&G 9/27
  • = Free after SCR

Crest Outlast Toothpaste $2.69

  • -$2.69 SCR
  • -$1.00 Crest Outlast toothpaste
  • =$1.00 Money Maker after SCR

Soft Soap Body Wash $3.99

  • -$2 in store coupon
  • -.75 SS 9/27 or
  • - $1 Sept All you
  • = .99 -$1.25 each

Colgate Total Toothpaste $2.49 each

  • -$1.00 9/27 SS
  • =$1.49 each

Nivea Lip care $2.99 each

  • -$2.00 SCR
  • =.99 after SCR

Tylenol B1G1 Free $4.99 each

  • Use (2) $2.00 Tylenol 8/23 SS
  • = .49 each

Luvs Diapers $9.99 each

  • - $2.00 SCR
  • -$1.00 9/27 P&G

Scope Outlast mouthwash $3.99

  • -.75 9/27 P&G
  • (1) Gillette Fusion Razor $9
  • (1) Crest Outlast Toothpaste $2.69
  • (1) Nivea Lip Care $2.99
  • (2) Tylenol $4.99 each
  • (1) Soft Soap Body Wash $3.99
  • (1) Scope outlast mouthwash $3.99
  1. -$5/$25 RiteAid coupon
  2. - $4.00 Gillette Fusion razor
  3. -$1.00 Crest Outlast TP
  4. -(2) $2 Tylenol
  5. - $1.00 Soft Soap body wash
  6. -$2.00 In store coupon
  7. -.75 Outlast mouthwash

= $9.90 OOP or $10.76 w/ 8.7% tax

Then Get back in SCR

  • $4.00 Fusion razor
  • $2.00 Nivea Lip care
  • $2.00 Scope Outlast
  • $2.69 Scope TP
  • = $10.69 in SCR = .08 OOP after SCR

There are lot's of different scenarios that you could put together. I did a basic scenario with items that we will use and coupons that are accesible to everyone.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Grocery Outlet

Leah at La vida Cheapo (Thanks Leah) posted about a survey you could take for $5.00 off your purchase at Grocery outlet a few weeks ago. (Sorry it's over) I stopped in on my lunch today to get some free produce. Yeah!
  • Tomatoes $1.00
  • Zuchini squash $1/2 but she only rang up .50
  • Green onions .50
  • Celery .99
  • Sliced mushrooms $1.89
  • Red and Yellow pepper .50 each
  • Total $5.88
  • -$5.00 Survey
  • Total OOP .88

Friday, September 25, 2009

Starbucks Coupons

There's a new $1/1 single serve 9.5oz or 13.7oz
Starbucks Frappuccino coupon available here: IE or Firefox
Print these right away they won't last long. I have gotten these at Walgreens several times for just .25 each. mmm yummy


I took advantage of the Campbell's catalina at Albertsons this week. I should have posted it earlier so that anyone interested could pick up some Prego coupons on Ebay like I did.
(8) Prego sauces $2.00 each
-(4) $1/2 Prego
-(3) $1 Doubles
-(1) $5 Catalina from soup promo last week
Total OOP $4.00 plus I have another $5.00 Catalina to roll again.
.50 cents each (Not the greatest deal but still OK)

Safeway deals

I was soooooo incredibly tired today. Work is crazy, I'm having a hard time adjusting to the kids back to school schedules, We have been out every night this week with either, soccer, ballet x2, Dave Ramsey classes, Open house at the school, meeting with Leah from La Vida Cheapo, barbecue lunch at my daughters school, kids homework and reading and to top it off both the girls have colds and have been getting me up in the middle of the night. I don't think it will be long before the men in white coats with the straight jacket come to take me away!
So after dinner tonight I took off for a little "me" time. Yes, I had to get my fix I needed to get some stuff for free or almost free. It's amazing the rush you get when you walk out of a store with saving so much and paying so little. :-)
My son works at the Safeway on Francis. I have really been trying to make and effort to support his store. He kept asking me when I would be in this week. Of course I had to wait for the three day sale to start. Here is what I got.
(22) Hormel Sausages $1.00 each
(9) boxes of Mac and Cheese crackers $1.00 each
(7) boxes of cheese nips $1.00 each
(1) Capri sun $1.99 each
(1) Jennie O ground Turkey $5.00
(3) Large Honey Crisp apples $2.77
(1) Tropicana OJ $2.98
(1) John Morrell off the bone lunch meat
(So annoyed with myself forgot my coupon)
  • -(22) $1 Hormel sausage
  • -(8) $1/2 Nabisco cracker coupons
  • -(1) $1.99 off Capri sun catalina (last weeks promo)
  • -(1) $1 Tropicana OJ (Old peelie)
  • -(1) $10 Catalina from Joint juice promo
  • -(1) $5 Jennie O turkey from biggest loser promo

Total OOP $3.70 Total savings $116.50 That is a 97% savings!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Re-usable bags at Target

I have some great news! Starting on Sunday target will be giving a .05 credit for each re-usable bag that you use for your Target purchases. That is a Happy Deal. :-)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

La Vida Cheapo

Leah over at La Vida Cheapo is having a great giveaway for some Nature Valley nut clusters and a few gifts. Head on over and get signed up to win.

Safeway 9/23

When I picked up the Safeway ad this morning the first thing that caught my eye was the Honey Crisp apples at $1.48lb. Yes, I know it doesn't sound like the best price unless you have ever tried one. Honey Crisp apples have a short shelf life but they are juicy, crisp and delicious. I was eating one this weekend and the juices were dripping down my chin. Just thinking about it makes me want to run and pick some up now. Hmmm maybe after dinner. Here are a few other things that caught my eye this week.
  • Fresh Express Salads $1.00 each
  • Large Naval Oranges $1lb
  • Foster Farms split chicken breasts .99lb
  • Crystal Geyser 35pk water $3.99
  • Boneless pork top loin chops $2.99lb
  • Lucerene Milk $1.99

Aquafresh TP .88 each

  • Use $1 off from Here

Suave Hair Care .88each

Progresso Soups Buy 4 and Save. $1.00 each WYB 4 or More

  • Scenario 6 Progresso Soups = $6.00
  • (2) $1/3 From Here or Here
  • Load the .50/2 Cellfire coupon
  • Load the .50/2 Shortcuts coupon
  • Total OOP $3.00 just .50 a can

Kraft Mac and Cheese Crackers $1 each

  • $1/2 Nabisco school year book

John Morrell smoked sausage $1 each

  • $1 Albertsons blinkie

72hr sale

  • Tropicana OJ $2.98
  • Oreo Cakesters or Oreo cookies $1.99
  • Golden Sweet Pineapple $1.99 each
  • Tyson fully cooked chicken wings $2.99lb

Safeway coupons must spend $20

  • Lucerene 18ct eggs $1.49

Ziploc baggies $1.99

  • $1/2 8/2RP
  • $1.49 each wyb 2

Glade Sense and Spray at FredMeyer

Leah over at La Vida Cheapo has a post about a great deal on Glade Sense and Spray at FredMeyer. Only .91 OOP Plus you get back a $2.00 Catalina!

*UPDATE I did this deal today the Glade Sense and Spray are actually $8.99 in Spokane. I used the FM $3 coupon and the $4 MQ. I paid $2.51 and got back a $2.00 Catalina. The good news is that I did two in one transaction and got (2) Catalinas back.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bagel Bites

Here is another great link for $1 off Bagel Bites.

Working together :-) I had a great lunch today with Leah over at La Vida Cheapo. (What a very nice Lady!) We have decided to work together to help bring our readers the best deals each week. Our goal is to share our money saving ideas with local readers. We would love to hear from YOU about your savings too.
Leah and I have divided up a few stores, we will be sharing our best finds from the Sunday ads. It's easy to overlook deals, If you see something we missed make sure and leave a comment below the post. I feel that this will be a great partnership.
We would love to have other bloggers join us as well. If your interested please leave one of us a comment.

White Cloud coupons

Go Here for $1 on White Cloud Green Earth Bathroom tissue or Paper towels or $2 on 24 roll pack of White Cloud bathroom tissue or any to White Cloud Ultra 12 roll combination.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Albertsons Sneak Peak

Thanks to SuperBob at HCW, We have a copy of this weeks new ad here. You can't see them in the ad scan but there are doubles on the inside front cover.
I still have not had time to do the coupon matchups for this weeks ad. But Karrie at
Fistful of Coupons has done a great job! Head on over to see what she has matched up.


FredMeyer is having some great sales this week. I stopped over on my lunch break today and this is what I got. Missing from the picture is (2) Gallons of Milk.
(10) Ronzoni Pastas $1.00 each
(2) Caesar Salad Fresh express $2.89 each
(1) 1lb Deli Turkey breast $2.09
(2) Vita Bee Bread $1.67 each
(2) Gallons of milk $1.59 each
(2) Halls cough drops $1.50 each
(2) Honey Sunshine cereal $2.81 each
(2) Dagoba Chocolate bars $2.89 each
(1) Foster farms whole chicken $3.30
(2) FM instant oatmeal $1.59 each
  • -(5) $1/2 Ronzoni pastas from Here or Here
  • -(2) $1.58 Store coupon Salad mixes
  • -(2) $2.81 Dagoba Chocolate coupons (Previous Promo)
  • -(2) $2.81 Honey Sunshine Cereal (Vocal Point)
  • -(2) $2.00 off meat or produce (Mail in rebate Wishbone)
  • -(1) $1.50 B1G1 Free Halls cough drops (tear pad at Freddies)
  • -(2) .59 In store coupon instant oatmeal
  • -(2) .42 Country oven In store coupon
Total OOP $18.03

Friday, September 18, 2009

Disney On Ice

I just got a postcard today for advanced ordering of The Disney On Ice Worlds of Fantasy show that is coming to Spokane November 18th-22nd. You can order tickets early by using LK66. Opening night you can get tickets for just $12 each. I found This website with some pictures from the show. Looks like it should be a great time for the kids. General Public tickets do not go on sale until Oct 12th.

Last Camping trip of the year

We decided to make one last camping trip for the year. We are leaving today and will be back on Sunday. I'm not sure if the campground has Wi-Fi if they do I'm sure I can sneak in some blogging Saturday. Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


My Mom and I were joking the other day on how nice it would be to make Wanted Posters for the cashiers who feel they need to make up their own policies on coupons. How funny would it be to snap a picture of them so that we could warn other couponers? Would we just casually hold up our cell phone and snap a picture or would we let the kids play with our camera and have them take a picture of the cashier.

I bring this up because I had "One of those" cashiers today. She had made up her own rules and thought that I would put up with it. So I counted to three and as politely as I could had this conversation with her.

  • Cashier: You can't use more then one RR per transaction.
  • Me: Why not?
  • Cashier: Because that is our policy.
  • Me: Since when?
  • Cashier: It's always been our policy, we are now enforcing it.
  • Me: Do you have that in writing somewhere?
  • Cashier: No, my manager trained us on it this morning.
  • Me: Really? May I speak to your manager?

Manager calls up front and asks cashier what they need.

  • Cashier: I have a lady trying to use more then one RR and she has coupons too.
  • Me: (Feeling very irritated ) Why don't you just scan the coupons and if the register takes it we will know if your right. I just did this same transaction yesterday with no problem. I guess the rules changed overnight. (In the brightest, sweetest voice I could muster)
  • Cashier to manager: She wants me to scan the coupon.
  • Cashier to manager: It's working. It's $1.04
  • Me: Could you ask your manager to come up front?
  • Manager: How can I help you?
  • Me: I feel very frustrated that this transaction had to take 15 minutes when it should have taken about two.
  • Manager: I'm sorry we are having a lot of problems with coupons and RR.
  • Me: I feel that you should error on the side of the customer and not make someone using coupons feel like a criminal. You should train your cashiers to scan the coupons and only question them if the register beeps.
  • Manager: I'm pretty new here. I really don't know what the policy is. I will forward your comments on to the Store Manager.
  • Me: I will too. Have a good day.

I bring this up again because no matter how hard a Manager trains their associates each person is going to interpret the same information differently. Later when I talked to the Store Manager he explained to me that he had trained the cashiers one coupon or RR per item, not transaction. The cashier misunderstood what she had been trained on. Apparently they had cashiers pushing through RR that they should have not taken. It's easy to get angry and loose your temper but if we talk it out and are polite we will all be happy. :-)

Couponing 101

Several readers have asked me lately what about meat and produce. I have actually heard from a few people that couponing is not for them because "They only eat Meat and Produce" My question was really? I don't know how you do that. Your family doesn't use Ketchup, Mayo, Milk, Cereal, Bread, Butter, Granola, Spices, Beverages, Yogurt, Salad dressing, Soup, and on and on. With a family of five we eat meat and produce everyday. I once (10 yrs ago) tried to make my husband a "Vegetarian dinner" he still brings it up to this day how I tried to "Starve him" or "Kill him" depending on who he is telling the story to. Therefore we have some kind of meat with every dinner. For those of you that want to know how I stick to my budget and still buy plenty of produce and meat It's simple.
  1. Once a week I go to Winco and pick up the fruits and veggies that we need for the week. I find that Winco has the best everyday prices. I can buy grapes for .88lb and still only pay .50 each for a red pepper.
  2. If a store that I'm running to has a "Lost leader" like bananas for .29lb of course I'm going to pick some up. You can never have enough bananas. Especially if you love banana bread.
  3. I make my menu based off of what is on sale for the week. I stock up on "Great" meat prices.
  4. I do get meat and produce for free. A couple of month ago I was getting Free Kraft barbecue sauce, For buying free barbecue sauce I was then getting free meat too. Two weeks ago I was getting A-1 steak marinade for .23 each and was getting $2 in free meat every time I spent the .23 on the marinade.
  5. I have learned to try different cuts of meat. I bought Beef bottom round roast for $2.48lb and found that it works great for carne asada. By the way Winco pre slices this making life so much easier. So of course at this price I would stock up as well.
  6. I make a menu plan for the week and buy the items I need.
  7. Gardening is a great way to have fresh produce in the summer as well. We planted two apple trees a few years ago. I'm still looking forward to a great harvest some day. I didn't do a garden this year myself but will next year. I have been given some great produce by friends and family.

I'm not here to make a couponing believer out of everyone. I'm here to help those that want to be helped. I had someone leave a comment about the amount of granola bars I bought last week. They asked what will you do with all those granola bars? Here is what I wrote back.

Dear Anonymous,

I purchased the 14 boxes of granola bars this week so that I could get 7 gallons of free milk. I gave 2 gallons of milk and 4 boxes of granola bars away immediately. I put 2 gallons of milk in the fridge and 3 in the freezer. I then took 4 boxes of granola bars to work that my college kids ate in one day. That left me with 6 boxes of granola bars that I have put in every ones lunch last week. As of this morning I only have 4 boxes left. I am snack mom at this weeks soccer game so if we are lucky there might be one box left. So my answer to you is that we are going to eat them.

Saving Money on the everyday items of life gives us the luxury to spend extra money on Meat and Produce. My pantry and freezer have never been so full. I am spending less, giving more and am more organized in are eating plan. I will say this again, Couponing is not for everyone It is a part time job, It can be frustrating but also very rewarding.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nature Valley Granola Cluster Coupon

Click HERE for a coupon for $1.60 off any Nature Valley Granola Clusters.

Then stop on by and see La Viedo Cheapo She has some great ideas on how to get these for free this week.

More Albertsons Deals 9/16

Just in time for the this weeks ad

  • Kellogg's Coupons:Save $1 on one box of Special K Cereal: IE or Firefox
  • Save $1 on one box of Special K Crackers: IE or Firefox
  • Save $1 on Special K Protein Shakes: IE or Firefox
  • Save $1 on Special K Cracker Here (Using zipcode 85301)

Save $5 Instantly WYB 5 participating Keebler products

  • Buy (4) Special K Crackers $2.49 each
  • Buy (1) Special K Cereal $2.99
  • Use (4) $1 Special K cracker coupons
  • Use (1) $1 Special K Cereal
  • Use (3) $1 Albertsons Doublers
  • Get $5 off Instantly
  • Total Free with .05 overage
  • (Albertsons will not give you an overage, Most cashiers will just double .95)

Printable Coupons

  • Save $1/2 Ore-Ida French Fries or Tater Tots IE or Firefox
Save $1 Bagel Bites Here (Use zip code 85301)
  • Save $1 on Best Foods or Hellmans mayo Here (Prints in spanish)

Roman Meal Bread $1 Here

(These are on Sale at Albertsons this week for $2.50 use a doubler for .50 Bread)

Thanks Hip2save for the great coupons!

Albertsons 9/16

Green Seedless Grapes .98 lb

Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.88lb

Albertsons 18ct eggs $1.59

Filipo Berio Olive oil $4.00

  • Use $1 from Here
  • Use $1 Albertsons Doubler
  • = $2 for Olive oil

Campbells Tomato or Chicken noodle soup $10/20

  • Buy 30 cans .50each
  • Use (7) .40/4 9/13SS
  • Use (3) Doublers -$1.20
  • Get a $5 Catalina for spending $15
  • Final price after Catalina Savings = .20 a can

Coffee Mate Creamer $2.50each

  • Use $1 from Here
  • Use Albertsons doubler
  • Final price .50

Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers $3.00

  • Use $2 from Here
  • Final price $1.00

Green giant Steamers $1.50each

  • .50 coupon from Here
  • .50 Albertsons Doubler
  • Final price .50

Monday, September 14, 2009

Albertsons Sneak Peak

Thanks to Essentia at Hot Coupon world we have a preview of this weeks ad. Yeah!
It's nice to see doublers in the ad, I don't feel so guilty for letting Sunday's go to waste.
(What am I thinking, they won't go to waste)
Snack Mania $1.75 each for every 4 that you buy; Must buy 4
Ritz Crackers
Oreo Cakesters
Wheat thins
Premium saltine crackers
Chips Ahoy
Nabisco Snack crackers
Scenario #1
  • (6) Ritz Crackers
  • (6) Crackerfuls
  • Total $10.50
  • -(6) Free Crackerful coupons WYB Ritz Crackers SS 8/23
  • -(3) $1.00 Albertsons Doublers
  • =$4.50 for 12 Boxes
  • Just .37 a box and (10) items towards the Nabisco mail in rebate offer exp 12/31

Scenario #2

  • (2) Wheat thins
  • (2) Crackerfuls
  • =$7.00
  • -(2) $1 Wheat thins from HERE
  • -(2) $1 Crackerfuls SS 8/23
  • -(3) $1 Albertsons Doublers
  • =Free

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Walgreens 9/13

True North Crisps or Clusters 4.5-5.5oz $3

  • use the $1 printable HERE
  • receive a $3 Register Reward
  • Final Price: $1 overage

Listerine Total Care 250mL $2.99

  • get back a $2 Register Reward
  • use the $1 coupon printable HERE
  • Final Price: FREE

Murine Ear Drop Kit $6

  • get back a $6 Register Reward
  • Final Price: FREE

Triaminic Allergy Sinus or Cold Relief 2/$10

  • get back a $5 Register reward on two
  • use the $2 from Walgreens Healthy Savings coupon booklet
  • use the $1.50 printable HERE
  • Final Price: $2 overage on two

Thanks Thrifty Mom and Mom's by Heart for the match ups. These are two amazing women. Stop by their sites to see the rest of the match ups.

Printable Coupons

Head on over to Hip2Save she has compiled some great links for some high $ coupons.

Campbell's Soup Coupon

There is a great coupon out for Campbells soup hurry and print before they are gone $1/2 IE or FF.
This is way better then the .40/4 coupon we got in the Newspaper this morning!
Thanks Hip2Save!

RiteAid 9/13

This is probably my favorite Rite Aid deal this week.
My youngest is 3 but I still love her smelling like a baby after her bath. :-)
Johnson’s Baby Care Items $2.99

Get a $5 Single Check Rebate #43 with the purchase of 3--$10 with 5--$15 with 10!
Use the various printable coupons available below:

  • Save $1/1 Johnson's Baby Powder: IE or FF
  • Save $1/1 Johnson's Baby Head to Toe Wash 15oz: IE or FF
  • Save $1/1 Johnson & Johnson Shampoo: IE or FF
  • Save $1/1 Johnson's Baby Lotion: IE or FF
  • Save $3/3 Johnson's Baby products: IE or FF
  • Save $1/1 Johnson's Baby Bubble Bath & Wash: IE or FF
  • Lots more Johnson's coupons here!
Deal Scenario:

  • Buy 10 Johnon’s Baby Care Items $2.99 each=$29.90
  • Use the $5 off $25 coupon from here
  • Plus, use 10 $1/1 coupons from above
  • Pay $14.90
  • BUT then get back a $15 Single Check Rebate
  • Final cost FREE!

Thanks Hip2Save! Go Here to see more Hip2Saves matchups for this week.

Friday, September 11, 2009


This deal will only be valid through tomorrow 8/12
Buy 5 participating Nabisco or Planters items get a $5.00GC
(You will need to have two computers to print from to pull this deal off)
 (4) Boxes of Wheat thins $2.84 x 4 = $11.36
 (3) Boxes of Ritz Crackers $2.54 x 3 = $7.62
 (3) Boxes of Crackerful crackers $2.84 x 3= $8.52
  • Use (4) Wheat thin coupons from HERE -$4.00
  • Use (3) Crackerful crackers free -$8.52 SS 8/23
  • Use $1/2 Ritz products from Yellow Nabisco book
  • Pay $13.98 But get back $10.00 in GC
  • Total for 10 Boxes $3.98
(6) Boxes of Ritz Crackers $2.54 x 6 = $15.24
(6) Boxes of Crackerfuls
(3) Boxes of Wheat thins $2.84 x 3 =$8.52
  • -(3) $1/2 Ritz crackers
  • -(3) $1 Wheat thins
  • -(6) Free Crackerfuls
  • Pay $17.76 & Get $15.00 in Target GC
  • That's just $2.76 for 15 boxes or .18 a box
Or if you had lot's of coupons
(10) Ritz crackers $25.40
(10) Crackerfuls
  • -(5) $1/2 Ritz crackers
  • -(10)  Buy Ritz crackers get free Crackerfuls free
  • =$20.40 but get $20 in Target GC
  • That't just .40 for 20 boxes Wow that is a great deal!

Target put to the test!

I frequent the Northpointe Target quite often and several cashiers know that I use coupons, While checking out one day the cashier informed me that they had a meeting about coupons and they were told to error on the side of the customer.  I was glad to hear this as I had experienced "Coupon Nazis" in the past.  She also told me that if the coupon scanned without beeping they were to take the coupon even if the product did not match exactly. To my amazement she also informed me that they would take expired coupons as well.  I was extremely skeptical about this but decided to try it out a few times. Guess what? All of my coupons worked.
  • For example Today I used a $5.00 coupon that expired on 7/30/09 it didn't beep.
  • (The cashier looked at the expiration date and commented that she had been waiting to see if an expired coupon would work)
  • Last week I used the Special K Chocolate pretzel granola bar coupon on the Special K Blueberry bars. (With no problem)
  • So I thought I would really put the the coupon to the test and I used an expired Blueberry pop tart coupon on a Brown sugar and cinnamon pop tart. It took it with no problem at all. 
This was three different transactions with three different cashiers.  I guess Target really is trying to win over their customers. Way to go Target!


Go Here to print a great new McCormick coupon $1.00 off. Use Zip Code 30133
Thanks Hip2Save!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Printable coupons

Here are some new Con Agra coupons. You will have to sign up with Simple and Delicious if you have not done so before to print. Click on the "Special Savings" to print.

.75/3 Hunts tomatoes
$1/4 Ro Tel cans
$1/2 Act ll Popcorn balls
$1/4 Hunts pudding snack pack
$1/3 Kids Cuisine
.50/1 Peter Pan peanutbutter

Printable Coupons

Here is a coupon for $1.00 Fudge shop Keebler and .55 off any Keebler cookie
(They print on the same page)
Sign up Here for $1.00/1 liquid or powder and B1G1 Free Coffee Mate Sticks

B1G1 Free Boost

Here is a great coupon for Kids Boost. My daughter call it her "Milk Shake" She is the pickiest eater ever so if she drinks it. It must be good.

Slow at postings

I know that I haven't been posting very much this week but we are trying to get organized with the kids starting back up in school, after school activities, Work has been crazy, I'm trying to get some fall house cleaning done and my Hubby and I just started our Dave Ramsey Classes.  So you might see less posts for a while.  I have a lists of some of my favorite blogs on the left that you might enjoy as well.

Money Saving Coupons

Make sure and stop by HERE if you haven't yet and print off these great coupons before there gone!
You will have to sign up before you are able to print.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Albertsons Sneak Peak 9/9/09

Looks like A slow week at Albertsons. I didn't see too much to write home about. HEre is a copy of the ad.
There will be doubles on Sunday for the 13th,14th and 15th.
Thanks SuperBob at Hot Coupon World!

Printable Coupons

Healthy Choice has 2 new high value coupons Save $2/1 Healthy Choice Frozen MealSave $2/1 Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers


I wasn't planning on making a trip to Albertsons but I realized that I needed some more celery for the Chicken and Dumplings for dinner tonight.
(12) Green Giant Frozen Veggies $1.00 each
(5) Grands Biscuits (Buttermilk and Touch of Honey) $1.25 each
(4) Lifesavers $1.00 each
(1) Bisquick mix $3.00
(2) Activia yogurt $2.00 each
(3) Danimals Crushable yogurt $2.00 each
(1) Stalk of Celery .89
(1) Wyler's Chicken Bullion $2.99
(1) $5.00 Catalina for Spending $20 in participating items
-(6) $1.00 Green giant
-(4) $1.00 Grands Biscuits
-(2) $1.00 Activia Coupons
-(3) $1.00 Danimals coupons
-(2) $5.00 Catalinas from last weeks promo
Total OOP $11.13
Total Savings $68.08

Target Brag

I stopped by Target this morning before I went to work(It's sooo much easier not shopping with the girls) Here's what I got.
(8) Chef Michael's Dog Food $4.26 Each
(4) Chef Michael canned dog food .84 Each
(5) Fiber One Cereal $2.50 Each
(1) Free $5 GC (WYB 5 Fiber One products)
  • -(8) $1.50 Chef Michaels Target coupon from Here
  • -(8) $3.00 Chef Michaels coupons 8/23RP
  • -(2) B1G1 Free Target canned dog food from Here
  • -(2) B1G1 Free Canned dog food 8/23RP
  • -(5) $1.00 General Mills Target coupons from Here
  • -(5) .75 Fiber One Cereal coupons

I used My $5.00 GC from Saturdays transaction (I never spend my GC unless I am rolling them into another deal)

$0 OOP I made $1.10 Yeah!

Total Savings $62.35