Thursday, June 17, 2010

Take the Surge

Go Here and Join the Surge. Click the link on the left hand side of the page. Once you have registered check your email account for a link for $5.00 off Clean and Clear Morning Burst Surge.

Rememeber to hit your back button so that you may print the coupon twice
 Thanks SheSaved

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pick Treetop, Pick your Prize Instant Sweepstakes

Go Here to enter the Tree top Instant Sweepstakes.

You can play the instant win sweepstakes every day until July 31st for a chance to win a $1,000 gift card of your choice! Pick from exciting prizes including: Southwest Airlines, SpaFinder, Visa, Target, or!

After you enter you will be able to print some great coupons too! Just click your back button so that you can print all three coupons twice.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Free Skinny Cow Ice Cream at Yokes

Go Here and "Like" Skinny cow for a $1.00 off any Skinny cow product. 

I received an email from Alanah tonight saying that she found the single serve cups on sale for a $1.00 at Yokes.  Sounds like Free Ice cream to me. :-)  Thanks Alanah (ms.brilliantblonde)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer of Savings game at Fredmeyer

Go Here to play the Fredmeyer Summer of Savings game.  Spin the wheel for chances to win prizes to load to your Fredmeyer card.  You can play once a day for the next 92 days. 

Free Sample of Dove Hair Care

Go Here for your Free Sample of Dove Hair Care

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

B1G1 Free Snapple coupon

Go Here and "Like" Snapple on Facebook for a B1G1 Free coupon from Snapple.  Remember to hit your back button for two prints.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Albertsons Doublers this Sunday!

Wahoo! My source told me that we will be seeing "Twice the Value coupons" this weekend. 

I will work on matchups tomorrow when I get home from work. I'm most excited about the Activia yogurt deals we will be getting.

(5) Activia yogurt $2.00 each
  • -(5) $1.00 Activia yogurt from Here
  • -(3) $1.00 Twice the Value coupons
  • Total OOP $2.00 but then receive a $5.00 Dairy Catalina
  • That's a $3.00 Money Maker

Albertsons deals

I did five separate transactions tonight total OOP was $2.08.  The Land O Lakes butter is part of the Dairy promotion going on this month at Albertsons. Purchase 5 participating items receive a $5.00 Catalina OYNO.  The coupon states not good on dairy items but some cashiers will let you roll this deal into another Dairy deal. 

(5) Land O Lakes Butter $1.29 each (I did this deal three times)
(3) Darigold Chocolate Milk $1.00 each
  • -(5) .55 Land O Lakes Butter coupons (Tearpad found at Safeway & Albertsons)
  • -(3) .50 Darigold Chocolate Milk (Tearpad found at Albertsons)
  • -(1) $5.00 Catalina from Kraft promo
  • Total OOP .20 (Plus I received a Dairy Catalina)
(5) Land O Lakes Butter $1.29 each
(1) Franz Doughnuts $2.50
  • -(5) .55 Land O Lakes Butter
  • -(1) $5.00 Dairy Catalina
  • Total OOP $1.20
(5) Land O Lakes Butter $1.29 each
(1) Bunch of bananas $1.58
  • -(5) .55 Land O Lakes Butter
  • -(1) $5.00 Catalalina
  • Total OOP .28
This promotion will still be available all next week but the butter will be priced at $1.39 each.  You could also use the .50 Land O Lakes coupon in the Safeway Dairy book for a great deal too.  Use the doublers that we are getting on Sunday for a screaming deal on butter.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Freezer Jam Today!

Did you happen to see the Awesome price for Strawberries at Winco this week? They are $2.98 for a 4lb container that's just .75lb. Wahoo! That's my price for buying strawberries. 

I payed $1.70 OOP for (4) MCP pectin & 15lbs of sugar and the Ziploc containers at Safeway for just .25 pkg.

Freezer jam is so easy to make and I love to give it as a gift.  :-) 

What a Crazy Week!

My life was turned upside down this week as my baby boy turned 18 and Graduated from Shadle Park HS.  It's hard to believe that eighteen years have gone by since he came into our lives. 
We are so very proud of him! 

We had a nice big party for him on Friday and I have to say that I'm proud of myself for spending so little on the party.  Ty made it easy on me as he wanted a "Mexican theme".  The menu was simple but delicious.

Carne Asada 14lbs (This was the most expensive part of the menu $33.00 Winco)
Shredded Pork (I bought 15lbs at Fredmeyer with the Catalinas from the Free Mighty dog food)
Tortillas (Free from Albertsons a few weeks ago)
Shredded Cheese (.16 x 10 from Albertsons last week)
Olives 10 cans (Free from Walgreens last week used the Free Ecotrin RR)
Sour Cream 4 (Free at Fredmeyer used B1G1 free and overage from doublers and MCP deal)
Tortilla Chips 8 bags (Free at Fredmeyer used $1.50/2 coupon doublers and in store coupon)
Refried Beans (Free at Albertsons after Catalina savings and doublers)
Ground Beef (Free for purchasing Old el paso refried beans and taco shells)
Rice and Stewed tomatoes (Free from Safeway a few months ago)
Six 12pks of Soda (Free from Walgreens used more Ecotrin RR)
One case of Bottled Water ($1.74 from Albertsons catalina promo a few weeks ago)
(2) Capri Sun (Free from Albertsons and doublers)
Solo Paper plates (Free with overage from Albertsons with doublers and Catalina)
(2) 12pk of Corona beer $25.58
(2) Half Gallon of Ice cream (Free with Catalinas)

After my big shopping spree at Albertsons this week with doublers and Catalinas I had $63 in Catalinas that I used on everthing else listed below. (I used $24 and spent .65 in tax)

(2) Bunches of Salad
(12) Avacadoes .69 each
(10) Limes
(2) Bunches of Radishes .79 each
(2) English cucumbers .99 each
(2) Red Onions $2.49lb (Oh, I about died at the price of onions)
(2) Red pepers
(6) Serrano peppers
(3) Bunches of Cilantro .33 each
(1) Package of napkins
(3) Pkgs of Forks

I picked up the Cake at Safeway they have a promotion this month.  Purchase a 1/2 sheet cake for the price of a 1/4 sheet.  Cake $20

Total OOP $78.92

When planning a large party I would highly recommend planning a theme and then start picking up supplies early as they are on sale.  I knew a few months before the party and focussed on the items that I knew I would be using. 

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fredmeyer Doubler Ideas

Here's a list of ideas for Doublers this week at FredMeyer.  Remember it's only the Francis Ave store that will take the "Twice the Value coupons" from Albertsons.

Nalley Pickle Spears $2.08
  • Use $1.00 Nalley pickles 3/14 SS
  • Use Doubler
  • Final price .08
Tabasco Sauce $1.35
  • Use .75 Tabasco sauce 5/23 SS

  • Use Doubler

  • Final price .15 Money Maker
Bullseye Barbecue sauce $1.99

  • Use $1.00 Bullseye from Here

  • Use Doubler

  • Final price .01 Money Maker
Best Foods mayo $2.50

  • Use .75 Best Foods from Here

  • Use Doubler

  • Final price $1.00
Yakisoba noodles .89

  • Use $1/2 Yakisoba noodles from 5/16 SS

  • Use Albertsons doubler

  • Final price .11 Money Maker
Mahtma Jasmine Rice $2.50

  • Use .75 Mahtma rice 4/25RP

  • Use Albertsons doubler

  • Final price $1.00
Hersheys extra dk chocolate bars $2.29

  • Use $1.00 Hersheys Choc bar

  • Use Doubler

  • Final price .29 each
Nut Crisp $2.99

  • Use $1.50 Nut crisps (NLA)

  • Use doubler

  • Final price .49 each
Nabisco Snack crackers $1.88

  • Use $1.00 Wheat thins from Facebook

  • Use doubler

  • Final price .12 Money maker
Ken's Salad dressing $2.79

  • Use $1.00 Ken's salad dressing 5/9SS

  • Use doubler

  • Final price .79
Hanover pretzels $2.50

  • Use $1.00 Hanover pretzels 5/23 SS

  • Use doubler

  • Final price .50
Activia yogurt $2.15

  • Use $1.00 Activia from Here

  • Use doubler

  • Final price .15 each
Saltine Crackers $2.35 each

  • Use $1.00 Saltine crackers (tearpad found at Safeway)

  • Use doubler

  • Final price .35
No Yokes pasta $1.49

  • Use .75 No Yokes Pasta

  • Use doubler

  • Final price .01 Money Maker
Ronzoni Pasta $1.33 each

  • Use .75 from Here

  • Use doubler

  • Final price .17 Money Maker
MCP Pectin $1.78 each

  • Use $1.00 Pectin 5/16 SS

  • Use Doubler

  • Final price .22 Money Maker
Scenario Purchase (4) MCP Pectin and (2) 5lb pkgs of FM Sugar ($2.79 each)

  • Use (4) $1.00 Pectin

  • Use (3) Doublers

  • Use (2) Buy 2 pectin get $2.00 in free sugar

  • Pay $1.70 OOP

  • Receive $3.00 Catalina for purchasing (4) pectin

  • That's a $1.30 Money Maker
Mission Corn Tortillas 2/$3

  • Use $1.50/2 Mission products (Tearpad found at Safeway)

  • Use Doubler

  • Final price .25 each
Mission tortilla chips $1.25 each with in store coupon

  • Use $1.50/2 Mission products (Tearpad found at Safeway)

  • Use Doubler

  • Final price (2) for Free

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Like Safeway for a chance to win a GC

Go Here and Like Safeway for a chance to win one of (5) $100 Gift cards to Safeway the Memorial day weekend. Good luck! I hope that I win. Can you imagine what we could get for $100?

Noodlette Game

Go on over Here to try your luck at the Noodlette wheel. Game available through 8/9

Thanks, Mojo Savings

$5/$15 purchase at World Market

Go Here for a coupon for $5 off a purchase of $15 or more at World Market. Coupon is valid 5/24-6/6.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Albertsons "Twice the Value" Ideas

Did I happen to mention how excited I am for "Twice the Value coupons"? I had to go back to work and pretend that I was working and not thinking about all the exciting deals we are going to get this weekend.  Hmmm I kind of feel sorry for everyone that is going out of town this week.
Nah! (Sorry Jodee) That's just more for us.  :-)

Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue sauce $1.00 each
  • Use $1/2 Sweet baby Rays 5/23 SS
  • Use Twice the Value coupon
  • Final price (2) for Free!
Jimmy Dean breakfast bowls $2.50 each
  • Buy 3 on promo B2G1 Free
  • Use (3) .75 Jimmy Dean Breakfast bowls 5/2 RP
  • Use (3) Twice the value coupons
  • Final price .50 for 3 or .17 each
Hersheys Syrup $2.00 each
  • Buy 6 on promo B2G1 Free
  • Use (3) $1/2 Hershey's syrup 5/23 SS
  • Final price .33 each
Bar S Hot dogs .98 each
  • Use $1/2 From Here
  • Final Price Free
Solo Cups or plates $2.99 each
  • Use .75 Solo coupon from Here or Here
  • Use Twice the Value coupon
  • Final price $1.49 each plus Catalina if you purchase 2 or more
Solo Patriotic Plates or cups $1.50
  • Use .75 Solo coupon
  • Use Twice the value coupon
  • Final price Free plus Catalina if you purchase 2 or more

There is also a Catalina on Solo cups
  • Purchase (2) receive $1.00 Catalina
  • Purchase (3) receive $3.00 Catalina
  • Purchase (4) receive $4.00 Catalina
Oscar Mayer hot dogs 2/$3
  • Use $1/2 from Here or SS
  • Use Twice the Value coupons
  • Final price .50 each
Wheat thins $1.99 each
  • Use $1.00 Wheat thins from Here
  • Use Twice the Value coupons
  • Final price Free
Smore's Promo Save $2.00 Instantly wyb all three

1 Jet Puffed Marshmallows $1.00
1 Nabisco Honey Maid Grahams $2.49
1 (6) pk Hershey’s Chocolate Bars $3.00
  • Use the $1.00 off coupon wyb all three from 5/16 SS
  • Use Twice the value coupon
  • Final Price $2.49
Snyder's pretzels or flavored pieces $2.49
  • Use $1.00 pretzels from 5/23 SS
  • Use Twice the Value coupon
  • Final price .49 each
Savings Spotlight

Purchase (6) Kraft Salad dressing $2.19 each
  • Receive $3.00 Instant savings for purchasing 6 participating items
  • Use (3) $1/2 Kraft items (Coupons found at Nevada St. store)
  • Use (3) Twice the Value coupons
  • Final price $4.14 for (6)
  • Receive a $3.00 Catalina for purchasing (6) Kraft salad dressings
  • Final price $1.14 after Catalina savings
I will continue adding to this list as I find more time.

Albertsons Twice the Value coupons this Sunday!

Wahoo! I'm so excited we are getting doublers this weekend. Sarah at The life of a Couponaholic and  Amber at Coupon Connections NW and have confirmed that we are getting "Twice the Value coupons" this Sunday.  I'm so excited for FREE Sweet Baby Rays barbecue sauce and so much more. 

Thanks Amber and Sarah for this Great News! 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Save $1.00 Crystal light pure

Go Here to save $1.00 on Crystal light pure fitness drink

$1.00 off Bullseye regional Barbecue sauce

Go Here for $1.00 off coupon for Bull's Eye regional barbecue sauce.

Albertsons 5/26-6/1

There are no doublers in this weeks ad.  If we get some on Sunday there will be some great deals at Albertsons this week. Here are a few of my favorites.

Solo Cups or Plates $2.99 each (This would be an awesome deal with doublers)
There is also a Catalina
  • Purchase (2) receive $1.00 Catalina
  • Purchase (3) receive $3.00 Catalina
  • Purchase (4) receive $4.00 Catalina
Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue sauce $1.00
  • Use $1/2 Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue sauce from 5/23 SS
  • Final price .50 each wyb 2 (Or Free if we get some doublers)
Hershey's Chocolate syrup $2.00 each B2G1 Free
  • Purchase (6) $2.00 each
  • Use $1/2 Hershy's syrup from 5/23 SS
  • Get (2) for Free
  • Final price .83 each (.33 each if we get doublers)
Bar S hot dogs .98 with in store coupon (Limit 4)
  • Use $1/2 from Here
  • Final price .48 each (Or Free if we get doublers)
Wheat Thins $1.99
  • Use $1.00 Wheat thins from Facebook Here
  • Final price .99 each (Or Free if we get doublers)
Smore's Promo Save $2.00 Instantly wyb all three

1 Jet Puffed Marshmallows $1.00

1 Nabisco Honey Maid Grahams $2.49
1 (6) pk Hershey’s Chocolate Bars $3.00
  • Use the $1.00 off coupon wyb all three from 5/16 SS
  • Final Price $3.49

Free Sample of Kraft Mayo

Go Here for two free samples of Kraft's new mayo. Scroll down and click on the logo on the bottom of page.

Albertsons Angus Hot dog deal

This deal is good today only at Albertsons.

Purchase (7) Packages of Oscar Mayer Hot dogs $3.99
  • Use the in store coupon making them $2.38 each
  • Use (7) $1.00 coupons found on hot dogs
  • Pay $9.66 OOP receive a $5.00 Kraft Catalina back
  • That's just .67 a package for Angus all beef hot dogs
*Plus if you signed up on Facebook for the Free Kraft products you received an offer for a mail in rebate "Spend $30 receive a $10 rebate" I'm going to send in my rebate and then all (14) packages of hot dogs are FREE!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ziploc Container at Safeway

I made a trip to Safeway to try out the Ziploc container deal that Angela at Frugal Living NW put together.  I purchased eight in one transaction and received (4) $2.00 Catalinas.  The thing that I was most excited about was the Ziploc containers with the screw on lids that are BPA free and are freezer safe were also part of the deal.  I'm planning on stocking up on these for making freezer jam.  I won't be so upset when I give away my jam and don't get the container back at this price.

(8) Ziploc Containers $1.99 each wyb 4
  • -(4) $1.50/2 Ziploc Containers 5/19SS
  • -(4) $2.00 Catalinas from previous purchase (Windex)
  • Final price .24 each (You will receive a $2.00 Catalina for every two that you purchase)
The Catalina for this promotion runs through June 15th.  So you have plenty of time to order extra coupons on ebay. I was planning on talking to the Store Manager at the Francis store to see about ordering extra containers. It would be nice to give them a heads up so that everyone is able to get what they want.  If your interested in picking up quite a few leave a comment on which containers you would be interested in and I'll see what they can do for us.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kraft Catalina at Albertsons

Up coming Catalina at Albertsons. Purchase $25 in participating Kraft Foods items and receive a $5.00 Catalina.  Valid between 5/20 - 6/3.  My guess is that we are going to see a Kraft promotion next week so start getting your coupons ready.

Participating items

Jell-o gelatin or pudding (3oz)
Kraft Jet Puffed marshmallows (10oz)
Ritz Crackerfuls (6oz)
Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs (4.4-4.9oz)
Oscar mayer Bologna or Cotta Salami (16oz)
Kraft Easy cheese (7.3-9.2oz)
Velveeta prepared cheese product (16oz)
Kraft grated parmesan cheese (8oz)
Breakstone's or Knudsen sour cream (16oz)
Oscar mayer Beef Hotdogs or Meat Wieners (16oz)
Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh shaved meat (16oz)
Oscar Mayer Bacon (16oz)
Oscar Mayer slice packs (16oz) ??

If you are a Member of Kraft first taste check your account. There are several coupons that would be great for this promotion.  If your not a member sign up Here.

Free Limeade at Taco Bell

Go Here for a coupon for a Free Limeade.  I actually tried one of these last week it was cold crisp and refreshing.  I was able to print it twice by closing the screen and then going back in. If you try and hit the back button you will receive and error. Mmmm Yummy!

Thanks printable coupon deals and more

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fredmeyer on Francis taking Albertsons Doublers

 I'm very happy to report that the Francis Ave Fredmeyer is accepting the Albertsons "Twice the Value" coupons.  It will be so nice to have another store to double coupons at.  They will accept three doublers per transaction. Make sure and let your cashier know before they start ringing your purchase as they will have to modify each item.  I broke the transactions up to use my overages on some items for the items that I would have to pay for.  I have to say that I had the most awesome cashier her name was Samantha. (Thanks Samantha!)

(2) Activia yogurt $1.99 each
  • -(2) $1.00 Activia from Here
  • -(2) $1.00 Albertsons Doublers
  • Final price .02 overage
(4) Uncrustables $2.25 each
  • -(4) $1.00 Uncrustables from Here
  • -(4) $1.00 Albertsons Doublers
  • Final price .25 each ($1.00)
(4) Oreo Fudge creams $2.58 each
  • -(4) $1.00 Oreo Fudge creams
  • -(4) $1.00 Albertsons Doublers
  • Final price .58 each ($2.32)
(2) Frigo String cheese $3.50 each
  • -(2) $1.00 Frigo String cheese
  • -(2) $1.00 Albertsons doublers
  • Final price $1.50 each ($3.00)
(6) Nut Crisps $2.00 each
  • -(6) $1.50 Nut Crisps
  • -(6) $1.00 Albertsons doublers
  • Final price .50 overage (-$3.00)
(3) McCormick seasonings $1.25 each
  • -(3) McCormick seasonings
  • -(3) $1.00 Albertsons doublers
  • Final price .75 overage (-$2.25)
(6) Hersheys Dk chocolate bars $2.29
  • -(6) $1.00 Hersheys Dk chocolate bars
  • -(6) $1.00 Albertsons doublers
  • Final price .29 each ($1.74)
(8) Three Musketeers candy bars .50 each
  • -(8) .17 In ad coupon
  • -(8) .25 Three Muskeeteers coupons
  • Final price .08 each (.64)
Total OOP $3.43

Friday, May 14, 2010

Doublers on Sunday

Karrie at Fistful of Coupons found out that there will be "Twice the Value" coupons at Albertsons on Sunday! Wahoo! Go Here to see all her great doubler ideas.  Thanks Karrie for all your hard work.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Children's Claritin

I recently was given the opportunity for my daughter to try Children's Claritin.  My oldest daughter suffers from seasonal allergies and with an early spring was experiencing runny nose and itchy eyes.  After using the Children's Claritin for two weeks we are happy to report that she is feeling great.  The best part was that she experienced no drowsiness or other side effects.

Last week my youngest daughter was experiencing runny nose, coughing and irritablility we took her to the pediatrician to find that she was not ill but also suffering from seasonal allergies. Our pediatrician reccomended that we try children's Claritin liquid.  I'm happy to report that she is feeling great and able to play outside with no side effects.

I would highly reccomend to any parent with a child experiencing allergies to try Children's Claritin. If your interested in saving money. "Like" Claritin on Facebook Here and then click on the Children's Tab for a $3.00 coupon off Children's Claritin.

* All opinions are my own.  As a Bzzz Agent I was given a free sample of Children's Claritin.

Albertsons 5/12-5/18

No Twice the value coupons in this weeks ad, hopefully something on Sunday. There is a General Mills promotion Spend $20 receive a $5 Catalina and 50 Bonus Box Tops.  The small print states 1 offer per customer and Minimum purchase requirement is calculated after manufacturer coupons. 

General Mills Cereal $2.00 each Tirix, Cocoa Puffs, Cookie Crisp, Cinnamon toast crunch, Honey Nut cheerios
  • Use $1.50/2 from Here

Betty Crocker premium brownie mix $2.00

Chex mix $2.00 each
Nature Valley Nut Clusters $2.50 each
  • Use $1.00 Nut Clusters from Here

Fiber One granola bars $2.50 each

Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad $1.00

Totinos Pizza Rolls $1.00 each
  • Use $1/2 from Here (Must email 3 friends)
  • Or .50/2 from Here
Betty Crocker Gushers, Fruit by the Foot, Rollups, Stickerz or Fruit shapes $2.29 each
  • Use .50/2 from Fruit snacks from Here or Here

Betty Crocker Warm delights $1.67 each
  • Use .50 Warm delights from Here or Here or Here or Here
  • Or .75 Warm Delights 3/28SS or 5/2SS
Betty Crocker Mashed potatoes $1.00 each
  • Use .40 Mashed potatoes from Here or Here or Here
  • Or .25 Mashed potatoes 3/28SS
Betty Crocker Cookie Mix $1.67
  • Use .40 Cookie Mix from Here
  • Or use .40 Cookie Mix 3/28SS
Yoplait yogurt .50 each
  • Use .50/6 from Here

Betty Crocker Muffin Mix $2.00
  • Use .50 Muffin Mix from Here

Chex Mix Bars $2.50 each

  • Use .60 Chex Mix bars from Here
Other deals

Velveeta Shells and Cheese cups $1.00

  • Use $1/2 Velveeta shells and cheese cups from 4/25SS

  • These would be free if we get doublers
Catalina promotion on Velveeta shells and cheese expires 5/16
Purchase 2, receive .50 catalina
Purchase 3, receive $1.00 catalina
Purchase 4 or more, receive $1.50

Activia yogurt $2.00

  • Use $1.00 Activia from Here

  • Final price $1.00
2ltr Coca-Cola Soft drinks .87 each wyb 3

Post Cereal $1.49 each wyb 4
  • Catalina promotion receive $3.00 WYB 4 Post Cereal ends on 5/16

California Pizza $4.99 each
  • Use $1.00 California Pizza from 5/2SS
  • Or from Safeway blinkie boxes

Buy California Kitchen Pizza between 4/19-5/16
Purchase 2, Receive $1.00 Catalina
Purchase 3, Receive $2 Catalina
Purchase 4 (or more), Receive $3 Catalina

Save $1.50/2 Select General Mills Cereal

Save $1.50/2 General Mills Cereal from Here

Monday, May 3, 2010

More Albertsons

I know pretty uncentered picture huh? Well to tell the truth I felt like I was starving and I had a Drumstick in one hand and the camera in the other.  Good thing my couponing skills are better then my photography.  I did a couple of deals on my lunch break and then stopped back by after work for another.

I think the items I was most excited about was the Mission Tortillas.  The store was out of the regular tortillas so the Manager said he would substitute any 10ct tortillas. I was thrilled because I love the Carb Balance and they were normally priced at $5.29 each.  But after price substitution and (6) .75 Mission tortilla coupons I got them all for .24. Yeah!

Transaction #1

(4) Old el paso refried beans $1.29 each
(2) Old el paso taco shells $1.29 each
  • -(3) .60/2 Old el paso products from Here
  • -(2) $1.00 Albertsons Doublers (She doubled $1.00 instead of .60)
  • -(1) .76 Albertsons Doubler (She doubled the last coupon down so my total didn't go negative)
  • Final price $3.18
  • Plus I received a $3.00 Catalina for meat or chicken for purchasing 6 participating items
(2) Mission Non fat Tortillas $3.39
  • - (2) $2.60 Ad substitution
  • Final price .79 each
(1) Albertsons popcorn $1.00

(2) Lawrys Marinade $1.00 each
  • -(2) .50 Lawrys Marinade
  • Final price .50 each
(6) Mission Lo Carb Tortillas $5.29 each
  • -(6) $4.50 Ad substitution
  • -(6) .75 Mission tortillas
  • Final price .04 each
I used my $5.00 catalina from the Arrowhead water and a $2.00 survey (My husband and son both got a survey yesterday Wahoo!)

Final OOP $00.00

Transaction #2

(3) Pepperidge Farm Cookies $1.99 each
  • -(3) $1.00 Pepperidge Farm cookies
  • -(3) .99 Albertsons Doublers
  • Final Price FREE
Transaction #3

(3) Fruit Chillers $2.19 each
  • -(3) $1.00 Fruit Chillers
  • -(3) $1.00 Albertsons Doublers
  • Final Price .19 each (.57)
Transaction #4

(3) Drumsticks $2.50 each
  • -(3) $1.00 Drumsticks 5/2SS
  • -(3) $1.00 Albertsons Doublers
  • Final price .50 each ($1.50)
Total OOP Today $2.07

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Albertsons Deals

Have you taken advantage of the Arrowhead water deal at Albertsons this week? We do a lot of camping and this is too good of a deal to pass up for summer. 

(4) Arrowhead Water $2.99 each with in ad coupon
  • Pay $11.96 OOP
  • Receive a $5.00 Catalina on your next purchase
  • That's like paying $1.74 each
  • This Catalina will roll from transaction to transaction
(6) Capri Sun Sunrise $2.00 each
  • -(6) $1.00 Capri Sun 4/25 SS
  • -(6) Albertsons Doublers
  • Final price Free!
*There is also a catalina wyb (3) capri sun for (2) Free Redbox Movies

(3) Drumsticks $2.50 each
  • -(3) $1.00 Drumsticks from 5/2SS
  • -(3) $1.00 Doublers
  • Total oop $1.50 for 3


Even without shopping this week I still ended up scoring some free items this weekend.  I worked the Bloomsday Trade show and just happened to be working between the Franz bread company and Safeway. 

The franz booth needed some bags and of course I helped out. I was ecstatic when he brought me some bread later. (I actually needed bread)  The Safeway booth needed shrink wrap and then shared a case of flavored water as well. And then as we were packing up the Franz guy brought us all huge bags of powdered donuts. How can you say no to a huge bag of powdered donuts? (These freeze great)

Thanks Franz Bakery and Safeway

Wahoo Albertsons Doublers Today!

Albertsons Doublers today! There is a glossy one page insert in todays newspaper with (3) Doublers.  I can't tell you how excited I was to see these this morning. I haven't been out shopping at all this week and I was literally having withdrawals. 

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Taking a Few days off

I will be taking a few days off from blogging as I help my husband and children cope with the loss of my husbands Grandmother. Margaret raised my husband and his sisters so this will be a very dificult week.

There are plenty of great deals out this week so stop by these other blogs for all the coupon matchups. 

 Karrie at Fistful of coupons has the Albertsons deals for the week.

 The Krazy Coupon Ladies  have the Safeway deals.

Karissa at Confessions of a couponaholic has Safeway and Albertsons.

Leah at La Vida Cheapo has the Yokes ad covered this week.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

$1.50 off Wheatables Nutcrisps Crackers

Go Here for a new coupon for $1.50 off Wheatables Nut Crisps Crackers.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Free Aveeno Sample

Go Here and "Like" Aveeno on Facebook for a Free Sample of Aveeno.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hot Sale! at Sport Authority

Sports Authority has an amazing sale that is good through this Sunday 4/25/10.  Spend $100 receive a $25 cash card, Spend $150-$299 receive a $50 cash card and spend $300 or more receive a $100 cash card.  Total must be before tax.  What makes this sale so great is it's good on anything in the store Clearance, Sale, Firearms, ammunition, Apparel, Footwear, Excercise equipment and so on.  Think ahead for Father's day and then bring your cash card in next week and splurge on something for yourself. :-)

It's so Nice!

Not only does couponing save my family tons of money each month. It also saves my sanity (One more day that the men in little white jackets don't come for me). It's so nice to be able to walk to the pantry and pull together little bags of goodies for girls after their game.
  • 100 Calorie Snack packs Free from Target deal a month ago
  • Fruit Snacks Free from Albertsons sale
  • Free granola bars from Albies or Safeway
  • Capri Sun .50 after Overages from deal at Safeway
  • Little baggies .10 on Clearance at Walmart last year
Total OOP .60 Smiles on the girls faces "Priceless"

*I could whip up a few batches of Potatoes too :-) What do you think Joelle? One scoop or two?

Aren't they Cute?

Safeway Again!

I picked up quite a few of the same things that I got earlier in the week so instead of staging everything I just thought I would Highlight a few new items.
(4) Windex $1.99 each wyb 4
  • -(4) $1.00 off Windex from Here
  • Receive (2) $2.00 Catalinas
  • Final Price Free

(5) Kraft Cheese Bites $2.49
  • Use (5) $1.00 Kraft Cheese Bites from Here
  • Or use (5) .75 Cheese Bites from Blinkie in front of product
  • Receive $5.00 off Instantly for purchasing 5 participating items
  • Final price .49 to .74 each
(2) Pupperoni Treats $3.50 each
  • -(2) $1.00 Pupperoni treats from Here
  • -(2) $2.00/2 Pupperoni ecoupons
  • -(2) $1.00 Pupperoni ecoupons
  • Final Price Free

Thursday, April 22, 2010

More Safeway

Hmmm Maybe couponing can work to my benefit to lose some weight. I'll just keep using my lunch break for finding deals and not eating. I stopped by Safeway again this afternoon.
(10) Cream Cheese Minis $1.49
  • -(10) .55 Cream Cheese minis coupons from Blinkie box
  • -(2) Save $5 instantly wyb 5
  • Final Price .60 Money maker

(2) Scrubbing Bubbles Extend a clean $6.99

  • -(2) $5.00 Scrubbing Bubbles 4/11 SS
  • - $5.00 Catalinas from previous transaction
  • Final price $1.02 Money maker

(2) Take 5 Gum $1.25

  • -(1) B1G1 Free tearpad found on display
  • Final price $1.25

Total OOP with tax .85 plus I got back another $8.00 in Catalinas

*The Cashier said that he didn't know what was going on today but I was the second person to come through his line with the same items. LOL

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Safeway Run

I ran to Safeway on my lunch to pick up a few things. Total OOP was only $5.70 plus I got back $6.00 in Catalinas. Yeah!
The most exciting part of my deal was the Scrubbing Bubbles. Remember how I told you how to get Scrubbing Bubbles for free Here? Well now it's a Money Maker! There was nothing posted at the store but I received a $2.00 Catalina for purchasing two Scrubbing Bubbles items plus I received a $3.00 Catalina from Scrubbing Bubbles (For the Starter) and $1.00 Catalina for the refill.
(4) Classico Sauces $1.49 each
  • -(2) $3.49 from B1G1 Free Classico (NLA)
  • The coupon automatically scanned at that price
  • Final price $1.02 Money Maker
(2) Salad Mix .99 each
(1) 1lb bag of carrots .99
(1) Maxwell House Coffee $7.99
  • -(2) $2.00 Maxwell House Coffee Ecoupon
  • -(1) $2.00 Maxwell House coffee (Safeway coupon book found near cheese)
  • Final price $1.99
(1) Delimex Taquitos $9.99
  • -(2) $3.00 Delimex Taquitos Ecoupon
  • -(1) $2.00 Delimex Taquitos (Blinkie found in March)
  • -(1) $3.00 Delimex coupon from Safeway ad
  • Final price $1.01 Money Maker
(2) Sunchips $2.99 each
  • -(2) $1/2 Sunchips Ecoupon
  • -$3.79 Sunchips Free coupon from Facebook promotion
  • Final price .19 for two
(3) Hamburger Helpers .99 each
  • -(2) .75/3 Hamburger Helper Ecoupon
  • -(1) .75/3 Hamburger Helper
  • Final price .72 for three
(1) Yukon Gold Potatoes .99
  • -(1) .40 Betty Crocker Potatoes
  • -(2) .40 Betty Crocker Ecoupon
  • Final price .21 Money Maker
(2) Green Giant Brussell sprouts $1.67 each
  • -(1) .50/2 Green Giant boxed vegetables
  • -(3) .50/2 Green Giant ecoupons
  • -(2) $1/2 Green Giant ecoupons
  • Final price .66 Money maker
(3) Green Giant canned vegetables .79 each
  • -(2) $1/3 Green Giant Ecoupons
  • Final price .37
(1) Fiber One yogurt $2.99 (Peach was marked down to $1.25)
  • -(3) $1.00 Fiber One yogurt Ecoupons
  • -(1) $1.00 Fiber One
  • Final price $2.75 Money Maker
(1) Safeway OJ $2.49 (Marked 50% off)
  • Marked down 50%
  • Final price $1.24
(1)Red Grapes $3.64
  • -(1) $1.00 off produce (Serve up a Sandwich Safeway coupon book)
(1) Warm Delights dessert $1.69
  • -(1) .50 Warm Delights
  • -(2) $1.00 Warm Delights Ecoupon
  • -(2) .50 Warm Delights Ecoupon
  • Final price $1.81 Money Maker
(1) Betty Crocker cookie mix $2.49
  • -(2) $1.00 Ecoupon wyb cookie mix and frosting
  • Final price .49 (Forgot my .40 coupon for cookie mix)
(1) Betty Crocker Cake mix $1.69
  • -(2) .75 BC Cake mix ecoupon
  • Final price .19
(1) Betty Crocker Frosting $1.49
  • -(1) .50 Frosting wyb Cake and frosting
  • Final price .99
(1) Scrubbing Bubbles starter kit $6.99
  • -(1) $5.00 Scrubbing bubbles from 4/11SS
  • -(1) $2.00 Catalina from previous transaction
  • Final price .01 Money Maker
(1) Scrubbing Bubbles refill $3.50
  • -(1) $3.50 Scrubbing Bubbles Refill wyb starter kit
  • Final price Free
(2) Healthy Choice dinner $3.00 each
  • -(2) $2.00 Healthy Choice Ecoupons
  • -(1) $1/2 Healthy Choice
  • Final price .50 each
Total OOP $5.70 I also received an extra $4.00 in Catalinas. When you factor in the extra savings it's like spending $1.70. Wahoo!

World Market $10/$30 purchase

Go Here for a coupon for $10/$30 purchase. This will be great for Mother's Day!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Free Sample of Eucerin lotion

Go Here for a free sample of Eucerin lotion.  This is my favorite lotion hopefully they will send a coupon too.

FredMeyer Ecoupons

I have had several question lately about the Fredmeyer Ecoupons. On the Fredmeyer website Here you can register your Fredmeyer rewards card and load Ecoupons onto your card.  Each coupon can only be used once. You may use a paper coupon and an Ecoupon for one item.  For an example Fiber One yogurt is priced at $1.99. If I load the $1.00 Fiber one yogurt ecoupon and then use $1.00 off Fiber one yogurt paper coupon I will receive Free yogurt.  Coupons update randomly (Quite a few lately) so you will just have to check back often to see what new offers are being listed.

Albertsons 4/21 - 4/27

There are no doubers in this weeks ad but ther is a ConAgra promotion that looks pretty good so let's hope for some doublers for the weekend. Spend $25 in participating items receive a $10 Catalina onyo. That's a 40% savings after Catalina. You can play the Recession payback game Here if you have not done so before for more Conagra coupons. I will continue adding to this post today, I have my regular mommy things that need to get done today too.

Activia yogurt $2.00
  • Use $1.00 Activia from Here
  • Final price .20 after coupon and Catalina savings
Danonino yogurt $2.00
  • Use $1.00 Danonino from Here
  • Final price .20 after coupon and Catalina savings
Marie Calendars Home style Creations $3.00
  • Use $1.00 Maries Home style creations from 4/18 SS
  • Final price .80 after coupon and Catalina savings
Hunt's Manwich $1.50 each
  • Use $1.50/3 Manwich from Here
  • Final price .15 each after coupon and Catalina savings wyb 4
Egg Beaters $2.50 each
  • Use $1.00 Egg Beaters (Rediscover your balance home mailer)
  • Final price .50 after coupon and Catalina savings
Healthy Choice All Natural Entrees $2.00
  • Use $1/2 All Natural from (Rediscover your balance home mailer)
  • Final price .70 each after coupon and Catalina savings wyb 2
Vancamps pork and beans $1.00 each
  • Use $1/4 pork and beans from (Rediscover your balance)
  • Final price .15 each after coupon and Catalina savings wyb 4
Pam Cooking Spray $3.00
  • Use .35 off Pam from 3/28 SS
  • Final price $1.45 after coupon and Catalina savings
Hunt's Sauce 8oz .50 each
  • Use $1/5 Hunt's tomato Sauce (Rediscover your balance)
  • Final Price .10 after coupon and Catalina savings wyb 5
Dixie Paper plates $2.50
  • Use $1.00 Dixie plates from Here (Manufacturer coupon with Target logo)
  • Final price .50 after coupon and Catalina savings

Other Deals

Tillamook Cheese $3.99 (Limit 1)

Drumsticks Ice cream cones $2.99
  • Use $1.00 Drumsticks May All You magazine
  • Final price $1.99 (Doubles would make this a sweet deal)